June Book Sales Equal Donations to LGBT Charity

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Hello my name is james crawford author of the Leech series, a paranormal adventure about a boy who is the school outcast, who is bullied and picked on for being different. This boy, Caleo finds out that not only is his part of a magical race of people known as Leeches but he is their born leader known as an Angel. Not all the leeches are happy about him taking his rightful place and Caleo finds himself running for his life with his foster family and a mysterious man that Caleo can’t help but fall for. It’s a wild adventure about a boy who goes from zero to hero.

For the month of June I am donating $1.50 for every eBook sale of Caleo  Leech: Book 1 to GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services.

GLBTAYS is a fantastic group dedicated to engaging in effective advocacy for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people. They are committed to ensuring the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of youth and young adults struggling due to sexual orientation or gender identity issues. [Read more…]

LGBT Authors Coming Together for a Cause


It is a given that my blog is always open to authors who give back to the LGBT community, so it is a wonderful surprise when I come across a press and an entire group of authors who are as passionate about LGBT youth homelessness as I am. That they randomly chose one of the same charities that I donate to was well… Let’s just say I could use a lot of very positive emoticons here to display how happy I was. ~B.

Hi, I’m Kris Jacen, the Executive Editor for ManLoveRomance Press (gay romance/mystery/paranormals) and its two imprints, Passion in Print Press (traditional romance) and Featherweight Press (Young Adult and children’s stories). I’m also a mama. I have two beautiful daughters that, although they can try my patience, I can say that I love unconditionally. It won’t matter to me one wit if at some point one of them tells me that they love another girl or even if they think they maybe should have been a boy. They have brought immeasurable joy and love into mine and my husband’s lives. So I think it was the “mama” in me that reacted first when I was approached about LOST AND FOUND. [Read more…]

How Writers Can Help Nonprofits

donate buttonHow can I help?

I get asked this quest a lot. At least two to three times per week day. What can I do? How can I help?  Unfortunately, impulse usually stops at asking instead of acting. I’m not quite sure why that is, from my perspective it seems to be fear.

Most people don’t ask the question when the need is immediate, they just jump right in without worries about religious bent, political affiliation, sexuality, or any of the other ‘norms’ we discard people for. In an emergency we are all just human.

So, since other authors tend to ask me this question most, I have taken all my accumulated ‘wisdom’ and blogged about it over at Suzanne van Rooyen’s Off the Page.

Getting involved is actually quite simple.

Making a Difference is even easier.


Learn a Little, Win a Free Book

What does it take to get a gay kid off the street?

sue brown, authorToday we’re talking about the parallels of homeless lgbt youth  over on Sue Brown’s blog. She is an outstanding author, and advocate for homeless LGBT youth in the UK, helping to raise funds and awareness for the Albert Kennedy Trust.




Win a FREE copy of COLD

sinfully sex BRI’m also over at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews talking with Monique. We’re offering a FREE copy of Cold, simply enter within the next two days to win a copy.

National Give OUT Day

Today is National Give OUT day.

 Give Out Day

This is a national campaign designed to raise awareness and funds for local and national LGBT Organizations. As you know, here around the Shire we raise funds by donating 10% of the proceeds from our books to two organizations that work tirelessly to get homeless LGBT youth off the streets.

Both of these organizations are taking part in today’s event and you can donate to them at the links below. I would like to particularly emphasize that you take note of the Lost-n-Found page. On the right they have a donation list and it tells you exactly what just a few dollars can do and how much it can mean to a homeless kid.

Both organizations work toward the same goal, if you can, please give equally.

lgbt nonprofit GLBT Advocacy & Youth  and  Lost-n-Foundlgbt youth nonprofit

Rejecting Your LGBTQ Child by Sue Brown

This is a special guest post by my friend and fellow author, Sue Brown.  She shares my passion, as you can see below. ~B.

Who am I talking to here? Probably not the people who should be reading this. So let me tell you about me. I grew up just outside of London, England. Nice area, nice parents, nice school. Everything just ‘nice’ and ‘normal’. And that’s it. Aside from my mum dying when I was eighteen there was nothing different about my life.

Scroll forward to today and I live about ten miles away, have two teenagers, and live in a pocket-sized house in a nice area. They go to nice schools and everything is just nice and normal.

What would happen if one day one of my kids told me they were gay or lesbian? What if they were transgender? Would it be nice and normal then? Yes, of course it would be. I don’t give a monkey’s who they are, who they love. It just doesn’t matter. I can’t emphasise that enough. I don’t care, and neither does their dad. [Read more…]

Spotlight on an LGBT volunteer and why $12 is important

~ From James Robinson, Executive Director of GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services (reposted from Facebook.)

lgbt nonprofitToday’s spotlight is on one of our volunteers … Ashley Ross is completing her Master’s in Social Work degree from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.  Ashley first met with me about 9 months ago to discuss the possibility of an internship placement with the agency.  I knew there was something special about Ashley when she showed up in December, a month early for her internship placement, and began volunteering.  Since then I have learned some amazing things about Ashley and her dedication to social work and her support of equality and social justice.  Ashley is our first intern from UA and I later found out she had worked for 2 years within her department to secure a placement with our agency.  Last week as Ashley received the Margaret S. Odom Social Work Award from the Alabama Gerontological Society I learned that Ashley had based her submission for the award on an encounter she had with a gay man in a Senior Center program where she was working.  This gay man shared his life story with Ashley and his story touched her heart. His decades of [Read more…]

Special Guest Post from Author Charlie Cochran

canal_street_gothicI’ve always had a soft spot for the Albert Kennedy Trust, although my association with them started off for the daftest of reasons. I mean, as a huge fan of Archie Kennedy (from the Hornblower TV series) that name was always going to catch my eye. When I read about Albert, a runaway from a children’s home who fell to his death from the top of a car park in Manchester, having suffered rejection and abuse from society, I decided I had to support the cause of getting GLBT youngsters off the streets and into supportive families.

You can imagine my delight when I was putting together my Christmas present wish list (which is always book heavy) and found Canal Street Gothic, by David Thame, in support of AKT. It was described as a collection of ten stories set in and around Manchester’s gay village revealing the gothic truths beneath the shiny surfaces of the twenty-first century city. I had high hopes, but I’ve had them dashed before, on the harsh reality of blurbs overselling their books. So I was delighted to find this book lived up to expectations. [Read more…]

48-hour Street Vigil for Atlanta’s homeless LGBT Youth

Living as homeless

lgbt youth nonprofit

November 6-8

Starting November 6,  Executive Director of Lost-N-Found , Rick Westbrook, will be living on the roof of a truck parked in Midtown Atlanta  with no more than the clothes on his back, his ID and his cell phone—no wallet, no money—for 48 hours. Please join the Lost-n-Found Facebook page for more information and live updates once he’s there.

ALL proceeds go directly to getting LGBT kids off the street.

The truck will also take donations of coats, underwear/socks, canned food, etc., and Rick will post updates to Facebook.

November 7
– Immediately following the annual meeting, we ask the community to join us at the truck around 9:00 pm for a candlelight vigil to show continued support of homeless LGBT youth.Location: Brushstrokes (Parking Lot), 1510 Piedmont Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30324

Find them on Facebook, Twitter and at the website

If you can’t make it in person, please consider a donation.

The absence of hope – Homeless LGBT Youth

As many of you know I help raise awareness and funds for two LGBT charities. 10% of the proceeds from the sales of my books go to them.  Lost n Found, one of the charities, posted a video about what they find during outreach to homeless LGBT Youth.

This is how 500,000 homeless gay kids live on the street every single day. You can help by donating to either of the groups below, or by finding a local lgbt charity in your area that does the same type of outreach.


lgbt youth nonprofit

Lost n Found







lgbt nonprofitGLBTAYS