June Book Sales Equal Donations to LGBT Charity

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Hello my name is james crawford author of the Leech series, a paranormal adventure about a boy who is the school outcast, who is bullied and picked on for being different. This boy, Caleo finds out that not only is his part of a magical race of people known as Leeches but he is their born leader known as an Angel. Not all the leeches are happy about him taking his rightful place and Caleo finds himself running for his life with his foster family and a mysterious man that Caleo can’t help but fall for. It’s a wild adventure about a boy who goes from zero to hero.

For the month of June I am donating $1.50 for every eBook sale of Caleo  Leech: Book 1 to GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services.

GLBTAYS is a fantastic group dedicated to engaging in effective advocacy for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people. They are committed to ensuring the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of youth and young adults struggling due to sexual orientation or gender identity issues.

GLBTAYS provides a wide range of help to the people of their community from Crisis/Counseling Services, GLBTQ Peer Support Group, and even a Host Home Program (HHHP). For information on how you can get involved or donate to this origination directly follow the link above. You can also show your support by following their Facebook page.

Pick up your copy of Caleo from Amazon during June and a $1.50 will be donated.

400618_10151391040621695_1243654957_nThank you for taking time to consider helping GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services. There are a lot of GLBTQ Youth that need help, some just a hug and told everything is going to be fine and others need a little more. GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services is there for those young people and they can use any donations you can give.

Happy reading,

james crawford.

You can connect with james crawford on Twitter, Facebook, or on his website

 Book Blurb

Every High School has their social outcasts. The band nerds, the math geeks, the chess club, the girl that chews her hair, but at Butler High, even the creepy nose picker in the chess club is more popular than Caleo Anima. No matter what he did, his pale skin, snow white hair, and piercing blue eyes always made him an easy target. He used to think that the only way things could get worse would be if someone found out that he was gay, but that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of problems after a mysterious stranger shows up and changes Caleo’s life forever. Hidden amongst our society, a secret and magical race of people known as ‘Leeches’, have been engaging in civil war for decades. Both sides are desperately searching for a weapon with unlimited power that will give them the advantage they need to rule their world. This wouldn’t mean anything to Caleo, except for one problem…He is that weapon! Forget making it through High School. Caleo has bigger problems! As the search for him goes on, the world is quickly crumbling around him. He’s now fighting for his life and the life of what little family he has left. With the help of new friends, he has little time to try and master his newly found powers as he tries to figure out who he can trust, who is trying to use him, and who just wants him dead. One wrong step and being the awkward pale outcast will be the LEAST of his worries.