Deaf, Gay, and Left Homeless By His Parents

lgbt youth nonprofitFrom the Hotline for Homeless LGBT Youth:

We hear a lot of youths’ stories on the HOTLINE and most would simply wretch your heart. This cry for help started out that way, but quickly turned to a positive. 


We got a call from a gentleman that had run into a young man that he thought we could help. We asked that he give the youth our number and to have him contact us so that we could verify his story.

The youth could not call but could text because he is deaf. His mother had him declared mentally unstable and got him onto disability, so she could control the money.

When the young man came home from a friend’s house over the weekend, the parents had moved without warning and simply left him. She controls the money but she didn’t bother to pay his phone bill or leave him with anything to survive.

The HOTLINE did a great job texting with him back and forth and Allen, the house manager, met with the youth just to explain the options that he had. We were so taken by his story and the way the youth actually presented himself that we actually brought him into the house right away.

We were a little concerned because although he reads lips, things can always be misunderstood. But then Allen realized that he could speak or type his words into his phone and show the youth. He then explained to the other kids how to do this on their phones and it turned one that of the kids actually knew some sign language.

Long story short, they all welcomed him into the fold/family that is Lost-N-Found. We cannot wait to see how this young man blossoms now that he around people that treat him as equal.

Lost-n-Found Youth takes calls like this every single day. Not all of them turn out so well. In fact, there is a waiting list for many of the youth who contact them. Please take a moment to share this and help them to save the next lgbt kid on the other side of the phone.

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Homeless Atlanta LGBT Youth in need of immediate assistance can call or text 678-856-7825. A 24 hour hotline