Why participate in the Blog Hop? #HAHATB

2015PngI recently had someone ask why I participate in blog hops like this?  This, being the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia.

The question was probably not meant to be as revolting as I took it. But to me, the undertone had more to do with a secret phobia of  ‘the gay agenda’ than it did with anything I post on this blog. That it came from someone who I thought of as a close personal friend bothered me even more.

So why do I do this? Better yet, why do I fill my timelines with LGBT news of suicides and murders and beatings? Why not just talk about books and cats and those funny gay YouTubers who shit rainbows and never have a bad day. They can just shave their forty-year-old chest and say “We’re all queer and happy here!”  and everything is okay. [Read more…]

Spotlight on Gay Teen Romance – Secrets and Demons

The buzz on this series is building rapidly…

Secrets and DemonsBook Blurb:

Liam is a lonely teenager, lost in a world of his own. Unwilling to speak for the last six months and starving himself, Liam has no friends and is constantly bullied. Jayden is a new kid at school. Immediately he is drawn to Liam’s ice blue eyes and the beauty of his features. After a struggle and unconditional love, Jadyn finally gains Liam’s trust and love; ignoring all the other students’ taunts and warnings, befriends Liam and becomes his constant companion. When Liam is hospitalized and in terrible condition, Jayden realizes his feelings for Liam may run much deeper than “just friends,” as he stays by Liam’s bedside. It’s a story of deep love and friendship and finding sexuality in the midst of it all. By facing their own secrets and demons, these two boys find something neither one was looking to find.

Get it from Amazon!

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Silent Youth – Gay Film Trailer (video)

silent youth

A poetic coming-out story that unfolds when two boys bump into each other on the streets of Berlin, unaware that a casual sequence of events will change their lives drastically. After a brief exchange, Marlo can’t resist his immediate attraction to Kirill and starts following him through the city. Soon they begin to amiably wander together, and a strange and subtle relationship begins to brew between them, becoming more confusing the more Kirill exposes about himself. SILENT YOUTH centers on those oft-forgotten moments when falling in love, from the first approach to awkwardly sitting across from each other not knowing what to say.


48 hour Vigil for Homeless LGBT

“Three hours in to our 48 hour vigil… It’s 43 degrees lgbt youth nonprofitoutside.”

Lost-n-Found Youth, a nonprofit which we support, is having a 48 hour vigil this weekend to allow people to truly understand what it means to be young and homeless.

Stop by their Facebook page, see the videos, and please get involved. You could change a life.

Today also begins a 140 mile journey for Dr. Mark Sweatman, an amputee who lost his leg in 2010. He will lead a 140-mile walk around and through Atlanta for the next 9 days in support of lgbt youth. Learn more: The Long Walk Home.

Barbie Boy – LGBT Short Film

Winner of audience awards in film festivals all over the world, “Barbie Boy” is the recipient of the Alfred C. Kinsey Award for its major contribution to the discussion of gender. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one.

Barbie Boy from Nick Corporon on Vimeo.

LGBT Music Monday – Shura – Touch (Video)

Based out of London, I really couldn’t find much on this artist, but… love her work on this. Check it out. You can connect on Facebook.

Being Gay Didn’t Mean I Was Wrong

Readers nominated Me and Mine by Sarah Goodwin for a 2014 LGBT Book Gem. I asked her to stop by and give us some background on the story.  ~B.

me and mine - Sarah GoodwinI wrote the first version of Me and Mine while I was in my second year of university, doing my Creative Writing degree. At the time I was only just starting to receive treatment for depression, and because I wasn’t able to focus on assignments, I began to write a lot of fanfiction. I’ve always read fanfiction, since I was about thirteen, but I’d never really written any before. This was the first time I’d read slash fiction, and writing it threw me in at the deep end.

Once the fanfiction version of Me and Mine had accumulated and I’d finished it, someone, just one person, messaged me and said that it should be a novel. I think it was just a throwaway comment, but as I’d been writing ‘novels’ since I was a teenager, I thought it would be a good project to keep me busy. So in the summer break I converted the original text into a more novel-like format, and changed the names. I also ended up adding about 40k to what I’d already written. [Read more…]

LGBT Stigma Project

The video pretty much says it all.

LGBT Stigma Project from Michael Witt on Vimeo.

Why Gay YA?

Welcome Chris O’Guinn to the blog. Readers chose his novel, Fearless as a 2014 LGBT Book Gem.

Fearless - Chris O'GuinnIt’s quite an honor to have my book, Fearless, be counted among the Hidden Gems on this list. I am very grateful to Brandon for giving me the chance to introduce people to this story. Of everything I have written, this one is closest to me personally. And given the reaction of my wonderful readers, it seems to be striking a chord with people all over the world.

One of the most common and most interesting questions I get is, “Why do you write gay YA?” I like this question because the answer is so layered. It gets at the core of what I really want to accomplish with my books. [Read more…]

A Place of My Own – Short Film

A young boy caught between his conservative mother’s scrutiny and his own desire to dress in girls’ clothes. This divide erects irreversible barriers between his mother and himself.

As I watched this I couldn’t help but note the similarities occurring in my own family over a young niece’s coming out.