LGBT Youth Prostituting for Survival

From the Front Line: A weekly post about what Lost-n-Found, a Homeless LGBT Youth organization in Atlanta, deals with on a daily basis. Names are changed or removed to protect the youth. 

lgbt youth nonprofitFrom the Hotline for Homeless LGBT Youth:

Often when we talk about LGBT kids prostituting themselves for survival, people automatically think of some kid standing on a street-corner waiting for a john to cruise by and pick them up. And while that does happen, too often there’s a more insidious form of prostitution going on behind the guise of a safe place to stay.

One of the first gay kids Lost-n-Found rescued was an eighteen-year-old who was living with a 53-year-old guy we named the “Bed Leveler.”

The 18-year-old, lets call him Aaron, had been kicked out by his family when he came out. Wandering outside a bath house, he was searching for someone to pay his way in so he could get warm and sleep.

The Bed Leveler met him at the door and not only paid his way in, but offered him food and a place to stay, all completely safe.

Once BL had the Aaron’s trust, he started providing “treats” (aka drugs) and they started “dating.” Aaron finally called LnF because he was afraid things were getting out of hand. He needed help. It seemed that BL came from Old Money and had a lot of expendable income. Their ‘dates’ devolved until they no longer went any where and rarely ate. BL simply started inviting people he found online to come over and party.

Aaron was very grateful for all that BL had done for him, but was very scared at the possibilities that lay ahead if he left. The partying had gotten so bad that one night BL had stopped having sex with this beautiful young man because he was so stung out that he thought the bed was un-level and it had to be fixed right away.

LnF spoke with Aaron for quite some time before he finally made a move. The sad part was that Aaron was concerned for the well being of this predator and took a lot of talking to before he decided to leave BL and try and take care of himself.

LnF spent three weeks working with Aaron. They helped him to get an ID and start putting his life back together, but they weren’t fully successful. Because of the Bed Leveler’s influence, Aaron developed his own drug habit, and the pull was strong enough that he left the LnF program and took off with another man to a different state. Once again, prostituting himself for the affections of a caring benefactor.

People interested in becoming a real Host Home for thrown away kids like Aaron can contact LnF directly. They have a training program which has classes monthly. Connect with them on Facebook to learn more.

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Check out LnF’s website at Lost-n-Found Youth, Inc. Connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.

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Homeless Atlanta LGBT Youth in need of immediate assistance can call or text 678-856-7825. A 24 hour hotline