Locked in a Basement for Being Gay

A weekly post about what Lost-n-Found, a Homeless LGBT Youth organization in Atlanta, deals with on a daily basis. Names are removed to protect the youth. 

lgbt youth nonprofitFrom the Hotline for Homeless LGBT Youth:

2:37 PM: The Hotline gets a phone call from a gay youth who states that his mother has locked him in a basement because he’s gay. She left him his phone and a pop-tart.

Further investigation reveals that this 17-year-old has already been to the police. His situation at home was so bad that he ran away. (He is an African American youth and his family is Muslim and will not tolerate his sexuality.)

After running away and realizing his situation, this youth walked into a local police station to ask for help. His mother was called to the station where she promptly informed the officers that she didn’t want a faggot in her home. She was duly informed that because the child is a minor, and therefore her responsibility, she must take him. Upon returning home the boy was immediately locked in the basement.

The mother later tells the youth that she has left the back door open and he is to run away. She also adds a warning: If he returns, ever again, she will lie and tell the police he is molesting his siblings as a means to get him permanently removed.

The youth has already been on the street and doesn’t know where to go or what to do. He remained cowering in the basement and found Lost-n-Found through the internet. The HOTLINE team members then spent eight hours  on the phone trying to coach him on the proper things to do. The HOTLINE also got in touch with local law enforcement to make them aware of the situation. They respond and find the mother is happy to see them so they can take her disgusting, faggot son away.

She is informed that they are at her residence to take her into custody for imprisonment, but if she waves parental rights no charges will be filed.  Lost-n-Found spent the next several months helping this young man get emancipated from his parents, get on his feet, and find his own dignity.

Lost-n-Found Youth takes calls like this every single day. But there is a waiting list for many of the youth who contact the HOTLINE. Please take a moment to share this and help them to save the next lgbt kid on the other side of the phone.

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Homeless Atlanta LGBT Youth in need of immediate assistance can call or text 678-856-7825. A 24 hour hotline