Wicked Men – Episode Two- Now Available

Fans have been asking, so I wanted to make sure the next episode of Wicked Men was available before the holidays.

So here it is, the second episode of The Love of Wicked Men. More dirty deeds, bad boys and hot sex. Just like you asked for. Haven’t been involved in the conversation yet? Not to worry, we have four more episodes before all the secrets are revealed and all the mysteries solved, and readers are adding their input on Goodreads every step of the way. You can too!  Need to get Episode One? Grab it from Amazon.

From Amazon: Episode Two

wicked men episode two mm romance

Spotlight: The Boy and His Wolf – Paranormal Romance

Welcome new author and Librarian of the Year, Sean Thomas, to the blog. 

The-Boy-and-his-wolf-smallMy time in the self-publishing industry has been very short and in less than six months I received recognition as Librarian of the Year by the Romance Writers of America, wrote a novella, and now made it into an audio book. If anybody asked me six months ago if I believed any of this would be possible I would have looked at them like a crazy person. Sure, I’ve always loved to write but I never actually expected to publish anything and to be honest, I hadn’t given self-publishing much thought until very recently. Calling myself an author was just a far off dream that I only hoped I would aspire to one day. [Read more…]

UPDATE: Good news and a reality check

First the good news.

Episode Two of Wicked Men should be released next week is available NOW from Amazon.) I will provide direct links once I have them. For future books, we will have a pre-order option set up so that you can be sure you don’t miss any episodes. I’ve already begun Episode Three, and I’m incorporating your input into the story right now. You should see Episode Three in mid/late January. After January 31, all Wicked Men episodes will be sold across all retailers (not just Amazon).

The reality check.

From the beginning Wicked Men has been an experiment, from your inclusion to the selling price. Unfortunately, reality has, in the ever-changing world of publishing, made a $0.99 price per episode unfeasible for long-term sustainability. Not just of this series, but of the whole platform that has come under my name. I have a lot of books I’d like to get to you, but that won’t be possible if we can’t pay today’s bills.  The price per episode for Wicked Men will be going up. That’s the reality.

This change is not something I’m particularly happy about, especially since I kept arguing with J. for the lower price. But it is my sincere hope that the quality of writing, and your inclusion in the story, will keep you interested in my scribblings for a long time to come.

The alternative.

There is still the option to purchase the completed Wicked Men series when it is released. Just add your email address to http://eepurl.com/5Lqm9 for a one-time notification. Taking this option doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the story discussions. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Your input is still very much wanted and welcomed. Stop by the fan-created Goodreads group and add your voice to the discussion. (Note that the Wicked Men thread is NSFW.)

Thank you all for your continued support,


Choose Your Kink (Please)

Fans of The Love of Wicked Men are heating things up once again.  A new poll just came out to decide what Sid’s kink is going to be in later episodes. Here’s another chance for you to get involved and have your voice heard.

Vote on Goodreads

Watch for Episode Two coming out just before Christmas.

Did you miss Episode One? It’s available exclusively at Amazon.

wicked men episode two mm romance

Jane’s World: The Journey from Comic to Novel

The exploration of lgbt comics is a growing interest of mine. Because of that, I asked Paige Braddock to stop by and give us a little insight as she transitions her series from comic to novel. I think you’ll find her post as interesting as I did. ~b.

lgbt comics

credit: Inks by Paige Braddock / Color by Brian Miller

POV (point of view) is something I don’t think much about when I write comics. Basically, you just draw a circle around the words that a character speaks and then point to the person talking. POV is clear and easy to follow in comics. Or at least it should be. As I began the process of transitioning my “Jane’s World” comic to an actual novel, I realized POV was a bit more complicated. This is just one of the many things I’ve been getting my head around as I prepare the manuscript for Jane’s World: The Case of the Mail Order Bride, due out in June 2016 by Bold Strokes Books. [Read more…]

Summer Symphony wins Oct Cover Wars

After a few hiccups, it seems Summer Symphony has won the October Cover Awards. Please stop by the blog, leave a comment, and let the crew know just how ‘amazing’ my fans and friends are.

All credit for this cover goes to Aeternum Designs.

Summer Symphony_Brandon Shire

When gay fiction becomes a personal journey

Friend and fellow author, Allen Renfro discusses his new book, Ambiguity. As many writers (and readers) can attest, a novel in the making is often a testament to a life’s journey.

AmbiguityBridgeI think I speak for many writers who become inspired that sometimes a story simply won’t leave you alone. The words come to you as you try to sleep. Walking along the street you see the characters in the faces that pass by. You hear the voices of the characters as you’re sitting in a restaurant and quietly listening. Finally you surrender and began the process of putting words to paper. The story for my novel Ambiguity came to me in such a manner and I think the story resonates even more right now at this point in time than when I first became inspired.

If you’ve read any of my work you are very much aware that my characters often wrestle with the centuries old conflict between religion and sexuality. In my novel Ambiguity, this conflict erupts into all out war. I wanted to explore the horrors of religious hatred toward homosexuality and also show the repercussions on both sides of this hatred. I wrote Ambiguity more for myself than anyone else. I needed to delve into my own experiences with religion, to understand my own mistrust of people who claim religion as their sole purpose for condemning homosexuality. In my own cynicism I wanted to show that many times people use religion to hide behind, to cover up their own secrets. There are many closets to hide in and come out of. [Read more…]

Wicked Men – Episode 2 – Coming Soon

Wicked Men Episode 2_300Episode 2 of The Love of Wicked Men will be available before Christmas. The book is with beta readers now and I’ll be sure to have it edited and live so that you can have a small gift for yourself after the kiddies unwrap theirs. But be warned, the tension between Sid and Jack is increasing and the sex itself…well, let’s just say we’ve turned it up a notch (as readers requested).

In This Episode:

Sid begins to formulate a strategy to destroy the Phillips Marn legal firm, while Jack tries to figure out how to insert himself into Sid’s life. But outside forces are watching them both closely, just waiting for them to take the bait. Will they? Or will Sid’s lust for power and Jack’s quest for revenge  thwart such carefully laid plans and push them apart?

Did you miss Episode One?

Get it from Amazon. (FREE for Kindle Unlimited users!)



Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Shires


I wanted to say a quick thank you to all my readers and the many, many supporters who have helped us raise funds for homeless LGBT kids over the last several years. The holidays are hard for some, and many of you have stepped forward to change that.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to help homeless LGBT kids yet, you still can. (Just click the link.)

And from my family to yours…



Spotlight on Lesbian Romance – Everything

“An epic, monumental and enthralling read.”


Jolán Edmunds, an accomplished and well-respected classical violinist, dies suddenly and Myla, her daughter, is convinced she had killed her because she had wished her dead.

Fiery and charismatic Jolán has many guarded secrets, particularly Rachel Cole, her lost true love. Rachel unexpectedly crosses Jolán’s path and turns her life upside down as they rekindle their romance. Rachel tries to convince Myla she didn’t cause Jolán’s death but Myla doesn’t believe her and wants to know everything. With Rachel’s help, Myla pieces together her mother’s startling past, all of which leads to the most devastating secret of all—herself.

What are readers and reviewers saying?

“Ms Wolf’s writing is outstanding. It flows off the page and wraps around your senses…” – Curve Magazine

Gritty and Gorgeous, a Tour de Force You Can’t Put Down!

 Get it from Amazon

Author Bio:

Carole Wolf is originally from Allentown, PA and now lives in Columbus GA. She has a B.A. in English Literature from Columbus State University, and her works include Bone Cave, Monasco (an epic trilogy in progress), and she is also working on a fictional account of her own life story. She loves World Music and has a very very extensive collection of Middle Eastern, Turkish, African, and Asian folk music. Connect with Carole on her website.