Crafting the Heart-wrenching Reads

broken heartRecently I was asked about the polarity in my writing. It stretches from erotic to emotionally devastating, and all places in between. Because of this, I have two very different reading audiences. On one side, I have my m/m readers who seek happy endings and hot sex, while the other readers look for less eroticism and more of a literary read, which often (with my novels) leaves them in tears.  Today we’re talking about the more literary of my novels – The Value of Rain, Listening to Dust, and Summer SymphonyIf you would like to review the topics I explored in those novels, you can see this post.

Why do I write about such emotionally charged issues?

It certainly isn’t for the money. My gay romance novels outsell the more serious fiction books 50:1. I write these books because the stories need to be told. There is more to our existence as LGBTQ people than flippancy, fashion trends, and fucking. [Read more…]

Silent Youth – Gay Film Trailer (video)

silent youth

A poetic coming-out story that unfolds when two boys bump into each other on the streets of Berlin, unaware that a casual sequence of events will change their lives drastically. After a brief exchange, Marlo can’t resist his immediate attraction to Kirill and starts following him through the city. Soon they begin to amiably wander together, and a strange and subtle relationship begins to brew between them, becoming more confusing the more Kirill exposes about himself. SILENT YOUTH centers on those oft-forgotten moments when falling in love, from the first approach to awkwardly sitting across from each other not knowing what to say.


Spotlight on Gay Romance – Private Performance

Private Performance

private performanceBook 1: Jason had sworn to never care for a guy again before taking it slow and easy when it came to the relationship department. He’d chosen poorly once. By the time he walked away his self-esteem had been in shreds.

Z is a dynamic, sensual rock star in the making. His band is hoping to hit the big-time and they’re getting close. He realized long ago his lifestyle had no room for a long-term relationship.

Then Z plays at Boys Will Be Boys, a popular gay club for a charity event, and Jason has a front row table. When their eyes meet it seems destiny has other plans for the two young men. Both tell themselves it can’t work out. They should just enjoy one night of hot sex and move on. [Read more…]

The Conversation is getting gritty about Wicked Men

Wicked Men - Gay Romance

I asked fans to offer their input for the next episode of The Love of Wicked Men, and whoa, did they ever. We had to change the feed to NSFW. So, if you’d like to know all the salacious details of what readers think, what they want to see, and the pictures they offered, visit us on Goodreads and offer your input too. All are welcome.

What are readers and reviewers saying about Wicked Men?

I cannot wait for more.

Hot, sexy, full of intrigue, mysterious characters…

The perfect ingredients for the start of an exciting ride…

Two of the grittiest, most raw, realistic characters I have come across in a long time…

I don’t know what’s Jack story but I can’t wait until he breaks Sid ass off, it’s going to be freaking epic!!!

Totally worth staying up late for…

Episode Two is going off to beta readers shortly and I’ll be looking for input from fans for episode three over the holidays. Don’t miss out!

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Spotlight – Gay Fiction – Dilemma

dilemma_frontcover_smallThough surrounded by people on a daily basis, Chuck is a miserably lonely man, desperately seeking companionship and affection. Not only does his shy personality make him reluctant to approach others, but he also harbors a secret side of himself that he’s tried to suppress and forget for many years. This secret side fills him with a kind of self-loathing, and he unknowingly makes himself unapproachable to others around him.

However, this all changes when he befriends Bjorn, a charismatic and worldly young man who opens Chuck’s eyes and allows him to accept his true identity. This ultimately places Chuck in an awkward position of trying to maintain his relationship with Bjorn in a separate, hidden life while at the same time keeping up a false front in the rest of his daily life.

“Dilemma” is an unconventional love story that exposes the intense difficulty in coming to terms with one’s true self and the painstaking actions taken to keep a second life hidden from the world. While the truth can sometimes hurt, it doesn’t compare to the pain of living a lie.

Get Dilemma From Amazon  [Read more…]

48 hour Vigil for Homeless LGBT

“Three hours in to our 48 hour vigil… It’s 43 degrees lgbt youth nonprofitoutside.”

Lost-n-Found Youth, a nonprofit which we support, is having a 48 hour vigil this weekend to allow people to truly understand what it means to be young and homeless.

Stop by their Facebook page, see the videos, and please get involved. You could change a life.

Today also begins a 140 mile journey for Dr. Mark Sweatman, an amputee who lost his leg in 2010. He will lead a 140-mile walk around and through Atlanta for the next 9 days in support of lgbt youth. Learn more: The Long Walk Home.

#ThrowbackThursday – Listening to Dust

Listening to DustWhat have they said?

“Leaves readers speechless, breathless” – Out In Jersey
Best in LGBTQ Fiction 2012 – Indie Reviews
Rainbow Award Winner – Best Gay Contemporary Fiction


Murder touched Stephen Dobbins when he was a young boy and left him living in a void of aching loneliness. A chance meeting with a young American chased away the fear that he would always be alone and brought him the prospect of a new existence.

Dustin Earl joined the military and escaped his small town Southern upbringing with the hope that he could give his mentally challenged brother a better life. But Dustin had never known real love, an honest hug, or a simple kiss. He considered his sexuality a weakness; a threat that had been used against those he cared about.

For eight months their relationship blossomed until Dustin suddenly returned home. He cherished Stephen, but felt his responsibilities to his brother outweighed his own chance at happiness.

Shattered, unable to function and unwilling to accept Dustin’s departure, Stephen flew three thousand miles to get Dustin back and rekindle what they had. But what he would learn when he got there… he could never have imagined.

Where can you get it?

Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, ARe, Smashwords, Print copy from your local Bookstore

Wicked Men is LIVE #mmromance

The first episode of The Love of Wicked Men is now available from Amazon. It is FREE for KU users, and $0.99 for everyone else. This is an interactive, gay, erotic, legal thriller, so don’t be afraid to dive into the conversation with us on Goodreads.


Is love at first sight rational?

heartdropI was asked this question a few days ago, and it stuck with me. I kept wondering, when is love ever rational? And this question led to others:

Does a modern romance even include such a thing? Or is that ‘old school romance’, from days long before we plastered selfies and our every intimate thought across the web?

Is it just hormones?

I’ve seen the word ‘insta-love’ enough lately to believe we’ve become cynical about the possibility of love at first sight. So maybe, in our modern era, we have unwittingly reduced love down to the equivalent of a possession.  (As in a thing owned.)

It’s sad really, if that’s all love has become.

Your thoughts?


Interactive Gay Romance

Wicked Men - gay romanceSid Rivers and Jack Brown are two sides of the same coin. One is a lawyer with his own firm and dreams of money and power; the other is a criminal with a lengthy record and a quest for vengeance. When they meet, sparks fly. But was their meeting an accident? Or was it planned by the billionaires who want to control their destiny?

The Love of Wicked Men is an erotic journey into the underbelly of the legal profession, the corporate culture of profit-at-any-cost, and the secret world of industrial espionage.

How is Wicked Men interactive?

This book is serialized fiction. That means it will come out in episodes and readers will get a chance to influence the story as it is written! [Read more…]