LGBTQ Push Back Fundraiser and Giveaway

lgbt book giveaway and fundraiser

From April 18th to May 1st, over 200 LGBT authors are coming together to push back against bigotry.

1) Instead of spending $5 on a book during the next two weeks, please consider donating $5 to an LGBT charity of your choice.

2) Go to Diverse Reader and tell them about it in the comments section.

3) Get in the drawing to win a book from one of the participating donors.

4) If you can’t afford to make a donation, then please share a charity link in the Diverse Reader comments section and spread the word across your social network. Every little bit helps.

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Andrew Q Gordon’s The Eye and the Arm – #Fantasy

Friend and author, Andrew Q. Gordon has a new book out in his Champion of the Gods series, and it looks GOOD. Check it out below, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway on the bottom of the post. ~B.

gay fantasy novelBlurb:

After defeating Meglar at Belsport, Farrell returns to Haven to recover from his injuries, but Khron, the god of war, has other ideas. He gives Farrell a new mission: free the survivors of the ancient dwarf realm of Trellham from their three-thousand-year banishment. To fulfill Khron’s near impossible task, Farrell will need the help of his distance ancestor, the legendary wizard Kel. But Kel has been dead for a thousand years.

Farrell finds information hinting that Kel is alive, so he moves his search to Dumbarten, Kel’s birthplace. To reach Dumbarten unannounced, Farrell and Miceral disguise themselves as mercenaries on board a merchant vessel. Their journey is disrupted when pirates attack their ship. While attempting to subdue the attack, Farrell is struck down by one of Meglar’s minions. [Read more…]

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Dear Henry… Gay Humor on stage in NYC

Friend, author, and playwright Arthur Wooten has a new play hitting the stage in NYC and you won’t want to miss it if you happen to be in the Big Apple on Monday April 27, Sunday May 3, or Saturday, May 9. 

dear henry playbillBrandon: This is a one-man show, is that correct?

Arthur: Yes. It stars the highly accomplished Luke Doyle and revolves around a man writing letters to his boyfriend Henry, who is regaling the numerous and crazy shenanigans (both sexual and non) the two have gotten into during their relationship.

Brandon: How did you come up with this?

Arthur: In 2008 & 2009 I was the humorist for the London-based Magazine reFRESH. I wrote this as a column. reFRESH readers fell in love it and couldn’t wait for the next installment. Soon I had Brits (both gay and straight) waiting to see what the two would get into next. That column became the jumping off point for the show.

[Read more…]

A Heart-pounding #erotic #legalthriller

mm romance, gay romance3 Chicks After Dark gives 5 Bad Ass Stilettos to Episode 5 of the Love of Wicked Men

“Heart-pounding action in this episode of The Love of Wicked Men! The twists and turns keep on as well as the deceit. It’s hard to know who is being played and what side people are on. If you love the thrill of suspense and the intrigue of a well-played game of corporate greed, this series won’t disappoint.

There’s so much going on in this episode, a true thriller from the first to the last page. With all the surprises and reveals, I can’t wait to see how it all wraps up in the next and final episode.”

See the full review on 3 Chicks After Dark.

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Spotlight on MM Romance – Stripped Expectations

Welcome debut author James Lee Hard with his new gay romance, Stripped Expectations.

stripped expectationsBook Blurb:

Hunky Mark is unemployed, penniless and living off the help of his friends. His life orbits around sex encounters that leave him with a bitter aftertaste. He went from skinny tall guy to hunk in a few years, after promising himself not to let anyone beat him again. But Mark still struggles with his self-image because underneath all of his muscles he still feels like a clumsy teenager.
His life starts to change when a stranger approaches Mark offering him a job as a stripper. Mark immediately dismisses it as another lame attempt at getting him laid. But his desperate need for money makes him think twice. He ends up surrounded by gorgeous men, his first true love and a past that just refuses to go away.

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Reader Reviews:


Must Read!

A real turn on!

Author Bio:

James Lee Hard writes contemporary gay romance and erotica about men who are trying to find themselves in life and are having fun in the process. James is a sucker for happy endings, hot, intelligent men, sci-fi, technology and much more.

Find him on Twitter  or visit and find out about the most recent news and events or subscribe to his newsletter.

This MM Romance series is almost complete…

mm romance, gay romanceEpisode 5 of the Love of Wicked Men hits the stands on April 10th. There’s only ONE episode left before the finale, and everything has just been turned on its head.

This is your last chance to catch up on the Wicked Men series and find out what all the buzz has been about before the season finale (Episode Six) comes out. There’s still time to offer your input on the Goodreads group. (NSFW).

However, if you’re one of those readers who wants the whole series in one shot, sign up here [] for a one-time email. I’ll let you know when the boxset is ready for download.

And don’t forget. Episode One is FREE everywhere.

wicked men - gay erotic legal thriller

Spotlight on Gay Fantasy – Dark Tale of Randamoor the Recluse

In a nutshell, if you’re looking to fall hopelessly in love with a gay 17-year-old who wields a sword, this is your series. There are 7 books in total. The first part of the 7 book series (Dark Tale of Randamoor the Recluse) is a trilogy called The Invisible Chains. The second part of the series is 4 books: The Invisible Hands. I’ve only featured book one here to get you started on this epic journey. Enjoy!
gay fantasy


Anaxantis, prince of Ximerion.

You will hate him… if your heart isn’t big enough.

While the kingdom of Ximerion is threatened at its southern border by a major power, the high king sends his two youngest sons, the half brothers Anaxantis and Ehandar, as Lord Governors to the Northern Marches where minor raids by wild barbarians are expected. Under the guidance of an old and trusted general, the king hopes to keep the young princes far from the major conflict in the south, while at the same time providing them with a valuable learning experience. The estranged half brothers are rivals, but soon they feel attracted to each other. As if this was not enough of a complication, they begin to suspect that they were set up by their own father. The result is a fierce struggle for power where the lines between hate and love become almost indistinguishable and where nothing is what it seems.

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Author Bio:

Andrew Ashling started writing in January 2009, mainly gay, m/m, slash, and yaoi stories. He has no great literary ambitions. He just tells great stories that play with expectations, boundaries, and even taboos. Connect with him on Twitter.

Author of the Month!

I’ve been voted Author of the Month for April over on the MM Romance Goodreads group for an author with over 10 books.  I just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU to all those who voted.

If you’ve never read my erotic romance books before, I’ve got a freebie to start you out. Or my fans almost always recommend Afflicted as a first read.

mmromance, gay romance, afflicted, brandon shire



To See About a Guy – A New FREE M/M Anthology

mm romance anthology, free bookIt’s my pleasure to let you know about a new free M/M anthology. My regular readers will be very familiar with the story I’ve included, but there are several other fantastic authors within these pages that make this a must read book. They include Aria Grace, Hans M. Hirschi, Sara York and Jennah Scott.

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