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As you may have heard from the extremely devoted #WickedMen fans,  Episode 4 of The Love of Wicked Men is now available everywhere.

It was time for the comeuppance we’ve all been waiting to see, and from fan reactions so far, I’d say we hit the mark in knocking Sid Rivers down a peg or two. There are only two episodes left in the season, but you still have a chance to join in the conversation on Goodreads. Episode One is now permafree (almost everywhere, still waiting on Amazon), or you can get all episodes directly from the Wicked Men page at a 33% discount.

mmromance, erotic legal thrillerEPISODE FOUR: With Jack Brown’s cover completely blown, it’s time for Jack to reel Sid Rivers in, even if he has to break the man to do it. Jeffery Marn knows his firm is under attack. Client’s are leaving, his private files are in play, and his senior partners have become targets throughout the South. But he’s not going down without a fight. He’ll go to any lengths to make sure he survives.

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Upcoming Books from Brandon Shire

Readers continually ask: What are you working on next? But I’m always a little cautious about building expectations because I never know what my crazy schedule will allow. However, if you keep up with our group on Goodreads, you can get involved in the conversation about each book as it develops (and you’ll meet some really cool people too).

So here goes. In no particular order, these are my current works in progress. Note that I’m also  in the process of finishing up season one of  The Love of Wicked Men. Publication dates and cover art haven’t been determined yet.

The Suggestion of Sex

Status: Working
Genre: MM Romance, Erotic

Keylan Milles is just about to turn eighteen. His father is a tech tycoon, but he’s about to lose everything and doesn’t know how to tell his son. Damon Creed, a billionaire, offers to bail Mr. Milles out, but has one condition – the virginity of his son on the day he turns 18. [Read more…]

Behind the Velvet Curtain

Welcome new author Matt Converse with his novella, Behind the Velvet Curtain. ~B.

Sex sells, but what it attracts can be deadly.

gay romance

People probably have an idea of what being a stripper is like, and they would probably be wrong. It takes swagger to strip for a room full of men, but what’s going on in the stripper’s head might surprise you.

Matt Jaxx was just a scrawny kid from Ohio who moved to San Francisco in hopes of starting a new life. He cut his hair, started working out, his acne cleared, and suddenly he was desirable. But when he was up on stage, he held onto the same insecurities he clung to in his childhood. The stripper facade was complete, but inside, he was still the anxious kid he’d always been. [Read more…]

Spotlight on Historical Gay Romance – Harry’s Great Trek

Welcome Roger M. Kean to the blog to discuss his final book in the Empire Trilogy. ~ B.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00009]Brandon: So tell me a little about how you came to write this trilogy.

Roger: I was brought up on a reading diet of H. Rider Haggard, Rudyard Kipling, and Capt. W.E. Johns’ flying hero, Biggles. Excitement and adventure in far-flung outposts of the British Empire colored my childhood. And I count myself lucky. Unlike my contemporaries stuck in “Austerity” Britain in the era before mass air travel, at eight, I was thrown headlong into an exotic land—I spent my early-to-teenage years in Nigeria. To a little white boy, Lagos was strange, exotic, and excitingly alien: near my home tribal drums still beat a heart-thumping tattoo in the sultry night air. Diverse cultures filled my formative years—not least eccentric British expatriates. Pell-mell I was thrown into the kind of adventures I could never have had back in stuffy old UK. [Read more…]

Spotlight on Gay Teen Romance – Secrets and Demons

The buzz on this series is building rapidly…

Secrets and DemonsBook Blurb:

Liam is a lonely teenager, lost in a world of his own. Unwilling to speak for the last six months and starving himself, Liam has no friends and is constantly bullied. Jayden is a new kid at school. Immediately he is drawn to Liam’s ice blue eyes and the beauty of his features. After a struggle and unconditional love, Jadyn finally gains Liam’s trust and love; ignoring all the other students’ taunts and warnings, befriends Liam and becomes his constant companion. When Liam is hospitalized and in terrible condition, Jayden realizes his feelings for Liam may run much deeper than “just friends,” as he stays by Liam’s bedside. It’s a story of deep love and friendship and finding sexuality in the midst of it all. By facing their own secrets and demons, these two boys find something neither one was looking to find.

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Love, being difficult – Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

Valentine's blog hop lgbt romance

To love is good, too: love being difficult. For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation. ~Rilke

Wicked Men - gay romanceLove is love, but some people don’t know how to handle love. It’s a fact. They have ideas, thoughts, dreams and hopes, but actual love… Well, that’s pretty terrifying in the light of day.

Take two people, strip them emotionally naked, and they’ll usually run from each other instead of toward one another. I know, most romance books will tell you the opposite (it’s why I get so annoyed with the genre), but the sad fact is that, in reality, we often let the scars of our past haunt the dreams of our possible futures. Our actions aren’t motivated by what we desire most, but by what we fear most. [Read more…]

5000 Copies Sold! – Afflicted

5000 copies sold

Just hit a milestone and I wanted to say a special thanks to all those who have purchased a copy of Afflicted. Book 2 of the series is not far behind as far as sales go, and this means I must now start working on book three.

I know some of the more ardent fans will ask, so let me say up front that I don’t know when #3 will come out. I have a lot on my plate at the moment, but book three is officially in the works. I’ll keep you updated in the Goodreads group. Feel free to join in the conversation about Dillion and Hunter and where you would like to see them go.

Again, thanks so much!

Use coupon code EG74S on Smashwords to get 50% off until February 28th.

mmromance, gay romance, afflicted, brandon shire

Who says the legal profession isn’t erotic?

wicked men - gay erotic legal thriller

Readers are fanning themselves after the last episode and demanding MORE.  And here it is. Episode Four has just come up for pre-sale on Amazon.

mmromance, erotic legal thrillerWant to know more about The Love of Wicked Men?

It’s is an erotic journey into the underbelly of the legal profession. It’s a trek through the corporate culture of profit-at-any-cost. It’s a peek into the secret world of industrial espionage. Nobody is who they seem, and everyone is out for themselves. It’s about love and lust and money.

Learn more, and get involved in its creation here.

IN EPISODE FOUR: With Jack Brown’s cover completely blown, it’s time for Jack to reel Sid Rivers in, even if he has to break the man to do it. Jeffery Marn knows his firm is under attack. Client’s are leaving, his private files are in play, and his senior partners have become targets throughout the South. But he’s not going down without a fight. He’ll go to any lengths to make sure he survives.

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Retro Reads… and a Giveaway

I’m over at Prism Book Alliance talking about two of my more literary fan favs, Listening to Dust and The Value of Rain. Feel free to stop by, enter to win a gift card, and join in the conversation at Prism.

Read their review of Listening to Dust.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00066] Listening to Dust - gay fiction

Have you ever loved someone…

Have you ever loved someone
but walked away
because he could not fathom his own heart?