Spotlight on LGBT Nonfiction – The Road to Birmingham

Road to Birmingham - LGBT NonfictionImagine for a moment that your spouse is facing the battle of a lifetime with her health. The prognisis isn’t good. She fights courageously, but in the end, God calls upon her to join Him in paradise. As you try to grapple with the loss of your best friend, her family tries to sabotage your grief and all the things you and your wife held sacred.

You probably couldn’t imagine your life being this way, but for me, it was a constant nightmare. I had to deal with a lot of drama and turmoil after my wife died from a long battle with breast cancer. The Road to Birmingham was my way of dealing with all that happened. It was a way to cope with family. It was a way for me to deal with different friendships that I thought wouldn’t end. It was my road to healing, forgiveness, and acceptance. [Read more…]

Spotlight on Lesbian Romance – Everything

“An epic, monumental and enthralling read.”


Jolán Edmunds, an accomplished and well-respected classical violinist, dies suddenly and Myla, her daughter, is convinced she had killed her because she had wished her dead.

Fiery and charismatic Jolán has many guarded secrets, particularly Rachel Cole, her lost true love. Rachel unexpectedly crosses Jolán’s path and turns her life upside down as they rekindle their romance. Rachel tries to convince Myla she didn’t cause Jolán’s death but Myla doesn’t believe her and wants to know everything. With Rachel’s help, Myla pieces together her mother’s startling past, all of which leads to the most devastating secret of all—herself.

What are readers and reviewers saying?

“Ms Wolf’s writing is outstanding. It flows off the page and wraps around your senses…” – Curve Magazine

Gritty and Gorgeous, a Tour de Force You Can’t Put Down!

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Author Bio:

Carole Wolf is originally from Allentown, PA and now lives in Columbus GA. She has a B.A. in English Literature from Columbus State University, and her works include Bone Cave, Monasco (an epic trilogy in progress), and she is also working on a fictional account of her own life story. She loves World Music and has a very very extensive collection of Middle Eastern, Turkish, African, and Asian folk music. Connect with Carole on her website.

LGBT Music Monday – Shura – Touch (Video)

Based out of London, I really couldn’t find much on this artist, but… love her work on this. Check it out. You can connect on Facebook.

LGBT Stigma Project

The video pretty much says it all.

LGBT Stigma Project from Michael Witt on Vimeo.

invisible – Short LGBT Film

Because love knows no gender.


LGBT Music Monday – Sofia

Fell in love with this as soon as I heard it.

LGBT Music Monday – Sonia Leigh

Sonia LeighOne of the headlining musicians at the 43rd Atlanta Pride Festival, Sonia Leigh has played with Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, Eli Young Band and Uncle Kracker, just to name a few.  One listen to this country gal and you’re hooked. Connect with Sonia and find all her music on her website.

Situational crossdressing and the LGBTQ audience

Welcome author Shira Glassman as she discusses situational crossdressing by cisgender heterosexual characters, as viewed critically by an LGBTQ+ audience. 


rivka and sword-isolated

credit: Rachel Matz and Jane Dominguez

I’m bisexual; I lean gay. Whenever there was ever any hint of same-sex romance in the fiction I was exposed to while growing up, I eagerly fixated upon it. Books, movies, live theater–I vividly remember the moment in high school when I was so inspired by the idea that one could think about Holmes and Watson as a couple that I stayed up all night writing songs about them. (And this was way before the internet made slash easily accessible to young people!)

However, sometimes heterosexual fiction likes to play with us, and evoke us to titillate without ever actually giving us representation. Specifically, I’d like to address the trope of situational crossdressing.

By situational crossdressing, I mean the plot device in which a cisgender, heterosexual character is crossdressing not for the sake of their own gender expression or even for fun, but because of something like “if I dress as a man, I will be able to find employment in a traditionally male field” (which is probably the most common.) Examples of this trope are Mulan from Disney (and Chinese legend), Eowyn from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Yentl from Singer’s Yentl the Yeshiva Boy. Cisgender heterosexual women can also crossdress for other non-gender-expressive reasons, as does Leonore in Beethoven’s opera Fidelio. Her disguise gets her a job in the prison where her husband is being unjustly held for political reasons, and she winds up saving his life. [Read more…]

Beloved Murderer! – LGBT Film

For the most part I abhor seeing LGBT characters only being portrayed as complete demons, doormat pacifists, or squeaky-clean goody-two-shoes. Those depictions are not what I know, or have lived. The rainbow is too complex for that. I came across this short film while researching and it struck a chord.

LGBT Music Monday – Eeek

The UK lesbian band Eeek was just in the studio in January and I’m sure you’ll be hearing much more from them soon.

Find them on Twitter, Soundcloud and  Facebook.