Silent Youth – Gay Film Trailer (video)

silent youth

A poetic coming-out story that unfolds when two boys bump into each other on the streets of Berlin, unaware that a casual sequence of events will change their lives drastically. After a brief exchange, Marlo can’t resist his immediate attraction to Kirill and starts following him through the city. Soon they begin to amiably wander together, and a strange and subtle relationship begins to brew between them, becoming more confusing the more Kirill exposes about himself. SILENT YOUTH centers on those oft-forgotten moments when falling in love, from the first approach to awkwardly sitting across from each other not knowing what to say.


Barbie Boy – LGBT Short Film

Winner of audience awards in film festivals all over the world, “Barbie Boy” is the recipient of the Alfred C. Kinsey Award for its major contribution to the discussion of gender. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one.

Barbie Boy from Nick Corporon on Vimeo.

Pale Blue – LGBT Short Film

A college kid struggling to find the courage to be who he really is.

Pale Blue from Tommy Oceanak.

Stay Positive – Short film #HIV

Stay Positive from Robert-Carnilius on Vimeo.

Provincetown International Film Festival
Frameline International LGBT Film Festival
The Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Fresno Reel Pride Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Reeling Chicago LBGT International Film Festival
Cinema Mostra AIDS|Sao Paulor, Brazil
Mezipatra Queer Film Festival|Czech Republic
Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 
Melbourne Queer Film Festival

LGBT Stigma Project

The video pretty much says it all.

LGBT Stigma Project from Michael Witt on Vimeo.

A Place of My Own – Short Film

A young boy caught between his conservative mother’s scrutiny and his own desire to dress in girls’ clothes. This divide erects irreversible barriers between his mother and himself.

As I watched this I couldn’t help but note the similarities occurring in my own family over a young niece’s coming out.



invisible – Short LGBT Film

Because love knows no gender.


LGBT Music Monday – Ryan Dolan

Recently out Irish singer Ryan Dolan with his new single. Connect with him on Twitter.

Worst Thing About Coming Out

We hear a lot of stories, especially recently, about the wonders of coming out. Here’s an interesting documentary about what an LGBT person goes through and what happens after that momentous occasion. A common theme in this film, and what I often see in real life, is that teens especially fear their parent’s reaction much more than they do their peers. Or is it as one person suggests, that you are perpetually coming out? You decide.

Worst Thing About Coming Out: stories of identity oppression 60 minutes documentary from Rob Schmidt on Vimeo.


Shabbat Dinner – Must See Gay Film

Shabbat Dinner - Gay FilmLast year I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Morgenstern, the filmmaker behind Shabbat Dinner.  After winning numerous awards as the film traveled throughout the film circuit Michael has released the entire film on Youtube for you to watch and interact with. Look below for instructions about how to submit your video response and get it featured by this award winning producer.

William and Virgo both have trouble telling their parents something they might not want to hear. Shabbat Dinner is not just a film about being gay or Jewish, it’s about struggling to figure out who you are.

#WhenIToldThem is a response video campaign to Shabbat Dinner, an endearing short film about two teens coming out.

To submit:

Watch Shabbat Dinner. Think about a similar moment you’ve had: coming out of the closet, revealing something about yourself, or making a difficult or unpopular decision. A vivid and descriptive story is always best.
Film a 30sec-3min video about your #WhenIToldThem using your webcam or another camera. Be sure to include this in the video’s description: “Response video to Make your own at”

Submit the video on Youtube or tweet it to us with #WhenIToldThem, and they’ll feature it on the site! Check out the other video responses on Youtube.