Spotlight on LGBT Nonfiction – The Road to Birmingham

Road to Birmingham - LGBT NonfictionImagine for a moment that your spouse is facing the battle of a lifetime with her health. The prognisis isn’t good. She fights courageously, but in the end, God calls upon her to join Him in paradise. As you try to grapple with the loss of your best friend, her family tries to sabotage your grief and all the things you and your wife held sacred.

You probably couldn’t imagine your life being this way, but for me, it was a constant nightmare. I had to deal with a lot of drama and turmoil after my wife died from a long battle with breast cancer. The Road to Birmingham was my way of dealing with all that happened. It was a way to cope with family. It was a way for me to deal with different friendships that I thought wouldn’t end. It was my road to healing, forgiveness, and acceptance.

The Road to Birmingham is a book that should be read by all LGBT couples who are considering marriage. It’s important to protect your assets, your family, and your relationship with your spouse. I wrote this book so that others could understand what I actually lived through. I wrote it so others wouldn’t have to live through the same nightmare I did and to give people strength to do the things they need to do for their family.

Author Bio:

Author Sharon D. SmithSharon D. Smith is the author of several books, including Love and Liberation (2007), Strapped (2009), and Still Strapped (2011). Sharon has also worked with local authors such as Fla’She (Two Shades of Color), Fina (You Think You Know), and others. Sharon is in the process of writing three additional books, including a book on leadership, and has plans to write a stage play.

Sharon is currently a full-time doctoral student. She is working on a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (I/OP). Her dissertation will focus on transgender discrimination in the workplace. She already holds two Masters degrees in I/OP and Organizational Management along with a Bachelors degree in English. Her ultimate goal is to be a leadership coach and college professor while expanding her writing career.

Aside from her academic studies, Sharon is the co-founder of the nationally syndicated Back2Us Network and co-host of the Back2Us Radio Show. The shows focus on politics, health, religion, and other topics that affect the GLBT community and our supporters. Sharon was the keynote speaker at the 2012 Atlanta Pride Celebration and spends her time speaking to large and small audiences about breast cancer awareness.

In her free time, Sharon watching action movies, playing the guitar, playing basketball, shooting pool, going to the gun range, and spending time with her two nephews, Isaiah and Seth. Sharon is also an exercise enthusiast. In 2015, she has plans to enter a few local amateur fitness competitions.

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