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“An epic, monumental and enthralling read.”


Jolán Edmunds, an accomplished and well-respected classical violinist, dies suddenly and Myla, her daughter, is convinced she had killed her because she had wished her dead.

Fiery and charismatic Jolán has many guarded secrets, particularly Rachel Cole, her lost true love. Rachel unexpectedly crosses Jolán’s path and turns her life upside down as they rekindle their romance. Rachel tries to convince Myla she didn’t cause Jolán’s death but Myla doesn’t believe her and wants to know everything. With Rachel’s help, Myla pieces together her mother’s startling past, all of which leads to the most devastating secret of all—herself.

What are readers and reviewers saying?

“Ms Wolf’s writing is outstanding. It flows off the page and wraps around your senses…” – Curve Magazine

Gritty and Gorgeous, a Tour de Force You Can’t Put Down!

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Author Bio:

Carole Wolf is originally from Allentown, PA and now lives in Columbus GA. She has a B.A. in English Literature from Columbus State University, and her works include Bone Cave, Monasco (an epic trilogy in progress), and she is also working on a fictional account of her own life story. She loves World Music and has a very very extensive collection of Middle Eastern, Turkish, African, and Asian folk music. Connect with Carole on her website.