Spotlight on Gay Teen Romance – Secrets and Demons

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Secrets and DemonsBook Blurb:

Liam is a lonely teenager, lost in a world of his own. Unwilling to speak for the last six months and starving himself, Liam has no friends and is constantly bullied. Jayden is a new kid at school. Immediately he is drawn to Liam’s ice blue eyes and the beauty of his features. After a struggle and unconditional love, Jadyn finally gains Liam’s trust and love; ignoring all the other students’ taunts and warnings, befriends Liam and becomes his constant companion. When Liam is hospitalized and in terrible condition, Jayden realizes his feelings for Liam may run much deeper than “just friends,” as he stays by Liam’s bedside. It’s a story of deep love and friendship and finding sexuality in the midst of it all. By facing their own secrets and demons, these two boys find something neither one was looking to find.

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Couldn’t put it down!

A Timeless Romance….

Author Bio:

He’s in the dungeon, working on the next installment. Do you really need more?