Desire and love don’t always see eye to eye

Welcome debut author Ty Jacob to the blog with his new novel, The End of Billy Knight. I asked Ty to let me profile his book because I read the first chapter and was hooked. He has kindly allowed me to excerpt it here. ~ B.

cover-borderThe End of Billy Knight is a genre-bending blend of dark literary fiction and playful gay romp, set in a world that’s intense, dangerous, and fun.

Mike is a sexy young hustler. Dale is middle-aged, overweight, and aware that he’s running out of time. When they meet, their lives become connected and their dreams intertwine.

It’s Los Angeles in the 1980s, and Dale spends most of his life in drag as the fabulous Sasha Zahore. Sasha is tired of selling dildos behind the counter of Stacked & Hung. She has a dream. She wants to direct high quality gay porn – “So good it’ll make even your mama proud.”

The night Mike appears under the disco ball at the Lucky Pony, Sasha becomes determined to make him hers. Fortunately for her, Mike dreams of becoming a gay porn superstar. Sasha believes it’s a match made in heaven.

The End of Billy Knight moves between bawdy humor and deep sadness to reach beyond the obvious stereotypes. This is a complicated portrayal of two truly flawed people, both lost in their search for meaning and love.

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The Readers’ choice is….

Last month, I asked readers to choose which of my current WIPs they’d like to see first. As you can see from the results below, it was pretty close. The Suggestion of Sex inched out Afflicted III by just one vote. A Song for Katherine and It’s Only Love were left in the dust. Manuel’s Diary and Living Queer with Mom were an even tie.

gay romance survey results


I’m already about 10k into Suggestion and have my cover artist working overtime to find just the right design. At this moment, I’m thinking this will end up being a series of three books, but that could change as the writing progresses. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

The Suggestion of Sex

Status: Am Writing
Genre: Gay Romance, Erotic, BDSM

Keylan Milles is just about to turn eighteen. His father is a tech tycoon, but he’s about to lose everything and doesn’t know how to tell his son. Damon Creed, a billionaire, offers to bail Mr. Milles out, but has one condition – the virginity of his son on the day he turns 18.

Don’t forget!

Season One of The Love of Wicked Men hits stores on June 12th.

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Jane’s World: The Journey from Comic to Novel

The exploration of lgbt comics is a growing interest of mine. Because of that, I asked Paige Braddock to stop by and give us a little insight as she transitions her series from comic to novel. I think you’ll find her post as interesting as I did. ~b.

lgbt comics

credit: Inks by Paige Braddock / Color by Brian Miller

POV (point of view) is something I don’t think much about when I write comics. Basically, you just draw a circle around the words that a character speaks and then point to the person talking. POV is clear and easy to follow in comics. Or at least it should be. As I began the process of transitioning my “Jane’s World” comic to an actual novel, I realized POV was a bit more complicated. This is just one of the many things I’ve been getting my head around as I prepare the manuscript for Jane’s World: The Case of the Mail Order Bride, due out in June 2016 by Bold Strokes Books. [Read more…]

The Writer’s Life – in GIF form

According to people smarter than me, there are five stages of writing. Actually, I think there are eight, but that’s just me.

1. Prewriting

The muse whispers in your ear… “I have an idea!”

2. Drafting

And the muse is suddenly on vacation…

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Second Chances

Welcome award-winning novelist and short story writer, Nathan Burgoine, to the blog with some insight into his writing. 

On the Run

When I wrote my first novel, Light, there was a bit of recurring feedback from some of the readers who knew my short fiction that made me smile: “I wasn’t expecting to laugh.”

That’s probably fair. I have a reputation for bittersweet when I write short fiction; my first published short story, “Heart,” continues to be one of the stories I get the most feedback about from readers (and mostly about how it made them cry). In short fiction, I like to explore the theme of second chances – and second chances generally require someone to mess up something the first time around.

So, when Light hit the shelves and people started to laugh (which for the record is exactly what I was hoping for and boy was I a wreck waiting to find out if I could be funny or not) I was very pleased. Kieran the telepathic and telekinetic gay massage therapist was a very unlikely superhero who managed to deliver the chuckles I’d hoped he would, even as he fumbled his way into saving the day.

After Light, I’d intended to go back to short stories for a while, but I got a request from Jerry L. Wheeler that was too good to pass up – he was putting together a collection of four novellas with a theme of pursuit, chasing, or tracking down, and wondered if I’d consider submitting something.

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Honest Reader Reactions to Bad Books

Here’s the flip side of  Authors Honest Reactions to Bad Book Reviews post. This one is for the readers, because, let’s face it, authors are human and they make mistakes too. And yes, sometimes a book needs a fecking DNF review. It’s all in fun, so enjoy.

Authors, listen up. (Culled from thousands of reviews around the web.)


1. Labelled Erotic Romance/Fiction

But the sex be like. WTF?!
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Honest Author Reactions to Bad Book Reviews

Political correctness and good PR suggest that writers take criticism in a number of ways, none of which allow them to vent their often honest feelings about bad reviews. So, in good fun…this one is for writer’s everywhere. (And yes, we have one coming for readers.)

Disclaimer: Before I get another author behaving badly badge, these were taken from 1000’s of reviews I’ve gone through in 20-odd genres. So if you think I’m picking on you, well, maybe I am. Or, you can just have a laugh at the ridiculousness that has become the back and forth in reviewing books in this day and age. It is all meant in fun.

Want to know what readers think? >> Honest Reader Reactions to Bad Books

1. The tongue wrangler

S/he just goes on and on about how bad your book was when ten or twenty sentences will do just fine. We get it. You hated it.

2. The nonbeliever

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The Editing Process (Animated)

Some days are not for editing

A Note for New Gay Dads

boyI get a kick out of today’s new gay dads. They’re all full of look what we did, with pictures and blogs and flashing about the awards they received for being Father of the Year. It’s adorable really.

But I sometimes wonder if they understand that gay men have been raising children for a long, long time; long before it became legal, or condone, or even accepted.  But they’re new parents so that’s to be expected. After they change a few hundred diapers the luster wears off. We old-timers know that. Then there’s daycare and schools and shitty teachers, and drug use and sex and heartbreaks and maybe the cops bringing the kid home one night. Been there. Done all that – all of it while Anita Bryant’s words were still echoing in minds across the land about what loathsome perverts us homos were. [Read more…]

The Housework Muse

museAnyone have one of those – a muse that does housework? No? Me either. In fact, when I get done from the real job I come home and look around and shake my head, (especially if I’ve been travelling). I wonder why my muse can’t at least do the laundry, or…some damned thing.

Instead, when I come in the door she’s all about “Oh no, we have to talk about this, that, and the other thing…And while you were out worrying about money (apparently a dirty word) I’ve come up with this great idea for…” [Read more…]