Of Angels and Demons…

Welcome S.R. Carrillo to the blog with her LGBTQ dark fantasy, the Soul series.

lgbt fantasyEvil has flourished since the beginning of time, but at long last it has come to pass—that the world should end at the hands of the divine. A Lesser Earth thrives in the ashes of the old world.

As does an unnamed lost boy, the abandoned effigy of evil, who wanders the globe without a clue and without a purpose.

The Last Angel Ero’s only task is to find this boy and raise him into the arms of Grace. He doesn’t expect to question that purpose—and he certainly doesn’t expect to find an affinity with the evil inside the boy he names Sol. [Read more…]

Romance novels are about love


Romance novels are about love… with a capital L.  They’re about finding that elusive special someone who gets your quirks and insecurities, and accepts you as you are. Throw in a fabulous storyline with plenty of chemistry and you’ve got a winning combination any enthusiastic reader will happily devour.  However, it isn’t only the message of love that moves me in romance books.  It’s the message of hope. This is particularly true in the MM genre. [Read more…]

Wicked Men Blog Tour #giveaway


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Desire and love don’t always see eye to eye

Welcome debut author Ty Jacob to the blog with his new novel, The End of Billy Knight. I asked Ty to let me profile his book because I read the first chapter and was hooked. He has kindly allowed me to excerpt it here. ~ B.

cover-borderThe End of Billy Knight is a genre-bending blend of dark literary fiction and playful gay romp, set in a world that’s intense, dangerous, and fun.

Mike is a sexy young hustler. Dale is middle-aged, overweight, and aware that he’s running out of time. When they meet, their lives become connected and their dreams intertwine.

It’s Los Angeles in the 1980s, and Dale spends most of his life in drag as the fabulous Sasha Zahore. Sasha is tired of selling dildos behind the counter of Stacked & Hung. She has a dream. She wants to direct high quality gay porn – “So good it’ll make even your mama proud.”

The night Mike appears under the disco ball at the Lucky Pony, Sasha becomes determined to make him hers. Fortunately for her, Mike dreams of becoming a gay porn superstar. Sasha believes it’s a match made in heaven.

The End of Billy Knight moves between bawdy humor and deep sadness to reach beyond the obvious stereotypes. This is a complicated portrayal of two truly flawed people, both lost in their search for meaning and love.

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[Read more…]

Andrew Q Gordon’s The Eye and the Arm – #Fantasy

Friend and author, Andrew Q. Gordon has a new book out in his Champion of the Gods series, and it looks GOOD. Check it out below, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway on the bottom of the post. ~B.

gay fantasy novelBlurb:

After defeating Meglar at Belsport, Farrell returns to Haven to recover from his injuries, but Khron, the god of war, has other ideas. He gives Farrell a new mission: free the survivors of the ancient dwarf realm of Trellham from their three-thousand-year banishment. To fulfill Khron’s near impossible task, Farrell will need the help of his distance ancestor, the legendary wizard Kel. But Kel has been dead for a thousand years.

Farrell finds information hinting that Kel is alive, so he moves his search to Dumbarten, Kel’s birthplace. To reach Dumbarten unannounced, Farrell and Miceral disguise themselves as mercenaries on board a merchant vessel. Their journey is disrupted when pirates attack their ship. While attempting to subdue the attack, Farrell is struck down by one of Meglar’s minions. [Read more…]

Upcoming Books from Brandon Shire

Readers continually ask: What are you working on next? But I’m always a little cautious about building expectations because I never know what my crazy schedule will allow. However, if you keep up with our group on Goodreads, you can get involved in the conversation about each book as it develops (and you’ll meet some really cool people too).

So here goes. In no particular order, these are my current works in progress. Note that I’m also  in the process of finishing up season one of  The Love of Wicked Men. Publication dates and cover art haven’t been determined yet.

The Suggestion of Sex

Status: Working
Genre: MM Romance, Erotic

Keylan Milles is just about to turn eighteen. His father is a tech tycoon, but he’s about to lose everything and doesn’t know how to tell his son. Damon Creed, a billionaire, offers to bail Mr. Milles out, but has one condition – the virginity of his son on the day he turns 18. [Read more…]

Gender Fluidity in Transgression

Friend and author Theo Fenraven stopped by to give us the scoop on his latest book Transgression. You can also read his original short story The Elevator only on this blog. 

Transgression 300x469Last I heard, Facebook offers fifty-seven different gender choices when you sign up for an account. This change went into effect after I opened mine, so I went back and checked “gender fluid.” You’ve heard the saying, right? “Sex is between the legs, gender is between the ears.”

Most days, I am happily male, but there are others when I want to celebrate my female side by putting on something girly or painting my nails. There is makeup in my bathroom cabinet, and I enjoy wearing it. I can walk in heels, but I don’t like them and currently don’t own any. I do like how skirts let the air circulate between my legs. I’d wear them more often if society didn’t frown on it so much. Well, “frown on it” is putting it mildly, isn’t it? I’d get the shit beat out of me if I went out in public like that. [Read more…]

Saugatuck Summer

SaugatuckSummer_TourBanner(2)Hi, and welcome to the Saugatuck Summer blog tour! First of all, I want to thank Brandon for hosting me again. One of my best memories of RainbowCon last month was the few minutes we got to talk when he extended the invitation. It’s been a while since I’ve appeared on his blog and I’m so happy to be back!

For those of you who have seen me talking about it on social media for the last nearly year and a half, you know that Saugatuck Summer was a labor of love far beyond what I would normally claim for one of my books. Of course I love them all, but Saugatuck Summer came from my very soul. Actually, I’m not certain it came from me at all.

SaugatuckSummerBasically, here’s what happened: One day I was driving along, running errands, and Topher Carlisle whispered one line of dialogue in my ear. Just one. When I asked him what I was supposed to do with that, he promptly took over my brain for fifteen absolutely insane days and at the end I had the first draft of Saugatuck Summer.

Topher’s story of recovery, hope, making mistakes, and growing up just told itself, and the experience of being the conduit for that was at times grueling and heartbreaking, but also euphoric and wonderful. It was one of those experiences that, as a creator of some form of art, be it musical, visual, or literary, you have once or twice in a lifetime if you’re extraordinarily lucky, when you know you’re creating something magical. I’m not sure it will ever happen to me again, but I feel absolutely blessed that this book has come of it. [Read more…]

How I Accidentally Fell Into Writing

Welcome John T. Fuller to the blog. John has the distinction to be the first author we’re bringing to you this year for the Hidden Gems blog series. In a nutshell, this series of posts is about helping you find books that you may not have found, but that others have raved about.  They come from all facets of LGBTQ lit, so if you know of a book that you think needs to be spotlighted, let us know. I hope you’ll enjoy the blog series! Now, everyone say welcome to John. ~B

When the Music Stops - John T. FullerWhen Brandon approached me and asked if I’d like to take part in his 2014 guest blog theme of ‘Hidden Gems’ I was very honoured and incredibly surprised to be contacted by such a prolific and respected author. Just as surprised, in fact, as I’ve been at how my debut (and currently only!) novella When the Music Stops has been received by readers.

You see, I never really intended it to be published. I’ve written on and off as a hobby for most of my adult life, everything from erotica to horror, historical to sci-fi, but none of it ever saw the light of day – in fact a lot of it never even got finished. It was always just a hobby to me, a nice creative outlet when I came home from the (depressingly factual) desk-job. When I wrote When the Music Stops it was the longest piece I’d written to date and I wasn’t thinking about an audience or what readers might think – possibly this was a good thing, as I’d perhaps not have tackled such an emotive and divisive subject if I’d been worried about how it would be received. [Read more…]

Exclusive Excerpt from Guardians of the Pattern: Psi Hunter

Welcome Jaye McKenna to the blog with a cover reveal and an excerpt from book one of her new science fiction series: Guardians of the Pattern.



In my new sci fi series, Guardians of the Pattern, the line between science and magic blurs. In the Federation, psions are hunted down and murdered because the public fears their psychic talents. But when ancient weapons of mass destruction are unearthed on a planet populated by primitive nomads who still believe in magic, psions may be the Federation’s only hope for survival.

Can the people of these two very different cultures come together to prevent disaster? Or will the Federation’s hunger for power trigger a psionic chain-reaction that has the potential to threaten all of humanity?

Each novel in the five-book series features sci fi action and adventure, and a romance for a different couple. The first novel in the series, Psi Hunter, will be available in March of 2014.  [Read more…]