Help me choose the next book

Okay guys and gals, it’s pretty simple. The muse is confused and running amok. Time to tether her to a specific project. (Don’t ask why she’s female, IDKY.) Your choices are below. I know some of you will be groaning that the next season of Wicked Men isn’t on the list, but we’re saving that for later.

Below is a very brief synopsis of each upcoming book.

Survey link (Completed)

The Suggestion of Sex

Status: Working
Genre: MM Romance, Erotic

Keylan Milles is just about to turn eighteen. His father is a tech tycoon, but he’s about to lose everything and doesn’t know how to tell his son. Damon Creed, a billionaire, offers to bail Mr. Milles out, but has one condition – the virginity of his son on the day he turns 18.

It’s Only Love

Status: Pending
Genre: MM Romance, Erotic

A straight college boy walks into a gay club with his girlfriend for a fun night out. But when a cute gay boy sashays up and kisses him, his girl is none too happy. The kiss lingered a little too long, and he seemed to like it too much. She storms from the club. He, hesitating, with looks over his shoulder, follows…

Manuel’s Diary

Status: Working (slowly)
Genre: ??? No idea

We’re all voyeurs at heart.

A woman spies two men making love across from her bedroom window. She becomes obsessed, intrigued, enamored. Set in the 1970s, this book is about desire and sensuality.  Read the excerpt.

A Song for Katherine

Status: Research Phase
Genre: Gay Literature

A gay couple adopts a baby daughter, as the child grows they notice erratic behavior. By the age of six, it has become evident the child has psychological problems. She is diagnosed with juvenile schizophrenia (rare), and the suggested treatment is institutionalization.

Living Queer, with Mom

Status: Pending
Genre: Humor, LGBT

Marcus Brine just got a phone call from his mother’s retirement community in Florida. They say she’s acting erratic and needs help. But when Marcus arrives, he finds it isn’t Alzheimer’s as everyone suspects. His mother has suddenly decided she’s going to start living it up before it’s too late. Her first act of defiance is to flash her pervy old neighbor next door, and Marcus is forced to take her back to his home in Atlanta.

Afflicted III

Status: Pending
Genre: MM Romance, Erotic

The story of Dillon and Hunter continues…