This is what homeless LGBT kids wake up to every day

Last year Lost-n-Found shared a video of a ‘squat’ for homeless lgbt youth. People seemed shocked at how these kids lived and even more shocked at what they had to do to survive. One year later Lost-n-Found returned to the squat to see what had changed for these kids. As you can see from the video, not too much has changed despite the heroic efforts of LnF.  Is it because they haven’t tried? No. If anything, the volunteers are more dedicated, more active, and pushing harder to make changes.

And still the number of homeless lgbt kids has increased. The revised estimate for 2013 is that there are approximately 750 homeless LGBT children on the streets of Atlanta.  62% of these kids will attempt suicide.  When you wake up to this every day, is there any doubt as to why that number is so high?

You can Donate here or at the Lost-n-Found website

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