MM Romance Fans for LGBT Youth

MM_Romance_Fans_for_LGBT_YouthIt has begun. We have had enough. We are mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, teachers, bloggers, writers, grandparents, cops, firefighters, marines, plumbers, construction workers, life guards. We are people. We are romance fans. We love the ideal that everyone gets a happy ending, even though we know how unlikely that is in real life. We are on the corner with a Kindle, hiding in the coffee shop with a Nook, waiting at the office so we can get back home and read that HEA.

We have seen LGBT kids beaten, abused, jailed, institutionalized, screamed at, berated, and raped for being different. We have seen them stepped over, stepped on, pushed aside and pushed away. We have witnessed their tears, their agony, their desire and need just to be loved.

We are tired of the desolation of our LGBT Youth

This post begins our campaign to raise awareness and funds to help end homelessness among LGBT Youth. Join us. Spread the word, use the logo above and link it to our fundraising effort. Tell us your story about your interaction with LGBT homeless youth, tell us about your own efforts to help, or tells us your story AS a homeless LGBT youth.

You don’t know what these kids are going through?

Read how one child was locked in a basement for being gay, how another was simply abandoned. That’s just a start, just a small drop in the bucket of depravity that youth organizations hear every day.

Not a romance fan? You don’t have to be to understand that 500,000 homeless lgbt kids on the street is absolutely ridiculous. Join us in this effort to raise awareness and funds.

Our first goal is to raise $25,000 for Lost-n-Found in Atlanta. Every single penny donated to this all volunteer organization goes directly to aiding lgbt youth, and for as little as $10 you can help get one kid off the street for a day. Donate here.