Exclusive Excerpt from Guardians of the Pattern: Psi Hunter

Welcome Jaye McKenna to the blog with a cover reveal and an excerpt from book one of her new science fiction series: Guardians of the Pattern.



In my new sci fi series, Guardians of the Pattern, the line between science and magic blurs. In the Federation, psions are hunted down and murdered because the public fears their psychic talents. But when ancient weapons of mass destruction are unearthed on a planet populated by primitive nomads who still believe in magic, psions may be the Federation’s only hope for survival.

Can the people of these two very different cultures come together to prevent disaster? Or will the Federation’s hunger for power trigger a psionic chain-reaction that has the potential to threaten all of humanity?

Each novel in the five-book series features sci fi action and adventure, and a romance for a different couple. The first novel in the series, Psi Hunter, will be available in March of 2014.  [Read more…]