Meet me at Shira’s

Summer SymphonyI’m over on Shira Anthony’s blog talking about The Power of Music and how it relates to my new novel, Summer Symphony.

We all have a story about a particular piece of music, or a memory which is triggered when we hear that song. Stop by and share your thoughts.

Summer Symphony is available for pre-order from Amazon, iTunes and Smashwords.

Summer Symphony…in the wild

Summer Symphony by Brandon ShireI can finally happily say that the ARCs are going out and Summer Symphony is available for pre-order from Amazon, iTunes and Smashwords. (Other sites are coming soon.)

Readers are already asking me to describe this book beyond the blurb. That’s hard. It’s a very different story and doesn’t really fall into any specific genre.

In short, a bisexual father grieves over the loss of his daughter to stillbirth and cannot find a way out of the grief until…

It’s an lgbt romance, and a story about a father’s love, and explores how society treats male grief. Oh, and music, and Europe, and orchestral politics… See what I mean?

Like I said, different. But having to explain all that it encompasses within just a few sentences leaves so much unsaid.

I guess I’m going to leave it to you now. Hope you enjoy it.



Obscura Burning – Suzanne van Rooyen

Welcome friend and fellow author, Suzanne van Rooyen to the blog. I’ve put her to the test and asked which of her own books is her favorite and why. ~B

Suzanne van RooyenReading has always been therapeutic, like going for a brief holiday every night that leaves me feeling rejuvenated and ready to face real life. Writing has proven even more cathartic as I immerse myself in the worlds I create and become my various characters be they cyborgs or androids, androgynous angels, genetically engineered super-soldiers, or troubled bisexual boys.

I’ve written several books, only two of which are published so far, and numerous short stories. I loved writing each and every story, from novel to flash fiction, for different reasons. Being forced to pick a favourite feels horribly unfair since they’re all dear to me, but since a favourite is what this post is all about I’ll have to choose Obscura Burning. [Read more…]