Spotlight on Bisexual YA – Missing in Somerville

“One of the best YA mysteries out there!”

missing in somervilleBlurb:

The beautiful young bride of the town’s wealthiest man has been missing for several months and rumors of her whereabouts are rampant. Some speak of murder at the hands of her husband. Others claim that the young beauty died at the hands of a jealous ex-boyfriend. She could have run away, but why would a woman throw away a life of luxury? When a group of friends begin to search for her, they quickly discover that their lives are in danger by those determined to keep the woman’s whereabouts unknown.

What are readers saying?

This is one amazing YA mystery!

An excellent Ya mystery!

I recommend this book as a great Saturday night read.

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Author Bio:

A.J. Raven is a writer of mystery/paranormal/crime books who also likes to read and write stuff on the internet.  He has a B.Sc in Bio-technology and B.A in Psychology and is currently working on a M.Phil in Bio-technology.

A.J. has written six books which make up two mystery series. Learn more on Goodreads.