Stepping Up to Bullying

There’s been a lot of discussion about bullying in the recent weeks since Jamey Rodemeyers death. Once again, it is in the international spotlight after a tragedy that should have never happened.  As offline and online communities (of all ages) step up to the plate and tackle the issue I am especially heartened to see the youth of the world move to make changes within their own environment.

As a parent, I knew that I could not police my sons’ actions all the time, nor be there to protect them every single minute of their lives, and so it falls to those whom we seek to protect to take action with the full knowledge that we support them in their endeavors to aid those people less able to help themselves. Teaching them respect for all  is a great part of that, but teaching them by example is an even greater part.

So there is also a point where we, as adults, must step forward beyond our own homes and say NO, this is not how you treat people.

I saw a shining example of that this morning and wanted to share it with you.  Ali you have my utmost respect.

Sometimes a few words is all it takes to change a life.

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