LGBT Music Monday – Barry Brandon

barry brandonIf you haven’t heard of Barry Brandon yet, don’t worry, you will.  Not only did he just release his new CD, Etcetera, on iTunes, but he is also one of the Sing for Your Life mentors & creators. And if you haven’t heard of that yet… Well, from my perspective, I think this is going to easily become one of the regional attractions for the huge music scene in Atlanta, with (hopefully) a particular emphasis on upcoming LGBT musicians.

Etc - Barry BrandonJust as Raven’s Music blog stated, Etcetera definitely has an alternative electro-pop feel to it.  As most of you know, I love all kinds of music, so if it can invigorate me, then so much the better.  Etcetera is already in my Listen To While Writing playlist.

Born with a life threatening heart condition, Barry has had eight open heart surgeries and you can feel every ounce of the size of that muscle in the music he produces with his exceptional writing partner JL Rodriguez. Below is just a taste of what he has to offer on his new CD.

You can find Barry on Youtube, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter,

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