Good News and Bad News

LGBT Fundraising MM Romance

The Good News

I am VERY happy to announce that we have reached and exceeded our first small fundraising goal for Lost-n-Found. Our goal was $466 by the end of July. That’s two weeks worth of food, shelter and transportation for a homeless LGBT kid. We exceeded that amount by $100 thanks to YOU.

Next goal: $1000 by the end of August. That equals one month of food, shelter and transportation. We CAN do this. We’re already more than halfway there. If you would like to donate and help us take homeless LGBT kids off the street you can do so by clicking on the picture of our logo above. 100% of the proceeds go directly to helping the kids; all organization members are volunteers.  (FYI Fact- the average age of a gay kid forced out by his family is 14.4. It’s 13.5 for a transgender kid.)

The Bad News

In just two short years, the homeless rate has INCREASED 47% in the Atlanta area for LGBT kids. There is an estimated 743 LGBT kids living on the streets of Atlanta (ages 19-25).  I personally believe this number is higher for one simple reason, most organizations do NOT count kids below 18. They are harder to find and help, they are wary of organizations, the law, and outreach workers. And many of them have run from situations that they don’t want to return to. As minors, they are often forced back into those same conditions, which LnF found out the hard way. (Read this sad story.)

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Join MM Romance Fans for LGBT Youth

MM Romance Fans for LGBT Youth has a very simple premise. We believe that everyone deserves a happy ending. We understand that this is not always a reality, but we also know that the street is no place for a child.

If you can’t afford a donation right this moment, it is not a problem. Donate some time in your local lgbt youth center, spread the word about our efforts, let our LGBT kids know that we care. It is that simple. The most basic need of every homeless LGBT kid is hope. If we can’t offer a donation, then we certainly should be able to give them hope for a brighter future.

Homeless Atlanta LGBT Youth in need of immediate assistance can call or text 678-856-7825. A 24 hour hotline.