MM Romance vs Gay Contemporary Romance

gay romance

It being Queer Romance Month, I decided to answer a question a reader posed to me some time back.

What is the difference between MM Romance and Gay Contemporary Romance?

Here are a couple of formulas to answer the question.

MM Romance:

a + b = HEA

Gay Contemporary Romance:

eix = cos x + i sin x = HEA (maybe, but not always – particularly if the variables¬†are off or your imaginary numbers aren’t squared).

*Bonus points if you recognize the GCR formula.

*Major points deducted from your final score if you came to the erroneous conclusion that writing MM Romance is ‘easier’.

I hope that clarified things for you.

  • JR W

    Analytical geometry was as far as I got. But you can write a soup label and I’d buy it.

  • Hawk

    That would be Euler’s formula, named after Leonhard Euler. “The most remarkable formula in mathematics,” or so they say. I myself thinks it brings back horrifying memories. I might be able to write a 50+ page case study but to write a story, not to save my life. I’ll leave that to you since you do it so well! I’ve loved every one of your books and look forward to many more.