UPDATE: Good news and a reality check

First the good news.

Episode Two of Wicked Men should be released next week is available NOW from Amazon.) I will provide direct links once I have them. For future books, we will have a pre-order option set up so that you can be sure you don’t miss any episodes. I’ve already begun Episode Three, and I’m incorporating your input into the story right now. You should see Episode Three in mid/late January. After January 31, all Wicked Men episodes will be sold across all retailers (not just Amazon).

The reality check.

From the beginning Wicked Men has been an experiment, from your inclusion to the selling price. Unfortunately, reality has, in the ever-changing world of publishing, made a $0.99 price per episode unfeasible for long-term sustainability. Not just of this series, but of the whole platform that has come under my name. I have a lot of books I’d like to get to you, but that won’t be possible if we can’t pay today’s bills.  The price per episode for Wicked Men will be going up. That’s the reality.

This change is not something I’m particularly happy about, especially since I kept arguing with J. for the lower price. But it is my sincere hope that the quality of writing, and your inclusion in the story, will keep you interested in my scribblings for a long time to come.

The alternative.

There is still the option to purchase the completed Wicked Men series when it is released. Just add your email address to http://eepurl.com/5Lqm9 for a one-time notification. Taking this option doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the story discussions. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Your input is still very much wanted and welcomed. Stop by the fan-created Goodreads group and add your voice to the discussion. (Note that the Wicked Men thread is NSFW.)

Thank you all for your continued support,