Two People, One Heart

I sometimes just sit back and watch the screaming that goes on about marriage, but it’s not too hard to understand what love means, especially when you come across a gem like this.

  • Patricia Goodling

    Where to begin…should I start with how much I love that these two men are beautiful souls while not being “beautiful” in that false model image we so often see in the media? Shall I comment on the incredibly gentle spirit that seemed to flow from one man to another, giving off such a deep sense of love that tears came to my eyes? Shall I comment on how I have passed maniacal poster bearing “christians” who are currently hawking on the street corners scrambling for the votes needed to put the gay marriage referendum back on the ballot here in Maryland in the hopes that they can bring enough pressure to bear to see it overturned??

    Perhaps my comment should just be this…

    I want to live to see the day that this video represents the “norm”, the “commonplace”, the “everyday” event! I want to live in a world where who we love and how we love is no longer held up for inspection and given labels like “sanctioned” or “vile” but simply labeled “lovely”, “wonderful”, “beautiful”.

    And perhaps while i am here I might add my thanks–to authors like you who expose to the world what it is like to live in a world that hates you because you choose to love someone they disapprove of–someone they condemn.

    So, I shall…Thank you dear author. For enlightening the world, one page at a time.