Sibley Jackson Gay M/M Romance Summer Sale

Sibley Jackson (pen name of Caddy Rowland for gay m/m romance) is pleased to announce the last book, From the Ashes, of her serialized Where There’s Smoke series has just been released!

These books are in Kindle Unlimited, as Caddy is testing the Kindle Unlimited program for borrows. If you are a Kindle Unlimited member, you can read any Sibley Jackson story for FREE. If you aren’t a Kindle Unlimited member, the following sale is for YOU on (Please note: Amazon controls which Amazon sites feature sales and which sites offer Kindle Unlimited.)

To celebrate the completion of Where There’s Smoke, Sibley is having a Slide into Summer Sale. It’s a sale taking place over the next five weeks, with the first book, Wicked Heat FREE on for three days starting today, May 29 through Sunday, May 31.

Each book will follow, having its own one week sale at .99. Here is the timeline:

June 1-June 7  Simmering Desire

June 8-June 14  Slow Burn

June 15-June 21 Blistering Blaze

June 22-June 28  Baptism by Fire

June 29-July 5  From the Ashes


Book Blurb:

Andy isn’t planning on a relationship getting in the way of his career. He needs to prove himself invaluable to his boss, Gordy. Things get messed up the minute Gordy introduces him to his son, Cody, who will be working under Andy for the summer.

At first glance, Andy knows the guy is trouble. Cody is a lethal combination of a pretty face and a very rugged physique. Cody makes him achingly hot, which confuses and angers him. He likes rough-looking men, not pretty boys, even if this particular pretty face comes with a brutally sculpted body. Not only that, the dude is his boss’s son!

Cody also feels the same burning desire. It flusters him, as he’s determined to remain in the closet. Cody knows full well being gay won’t be accepted by his family. Besides, Andy is rude and short-tempered from the start. Who needs someone like that in their life?

Regardless, the heat between the two men refuses to die own. It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

A summer neither man will soon forget.

Again, Wicked Heat  is FREE  On for three days starting today, May 29 through Sunday, May 31, with another book following for .99 each week for 5 weeks.


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Here’s to a summer filled with great reading and fabulous summer experiences!

Thank you,

Sibley Jackson/Caddy Rowland

Caddy Rowland is a novelist and painter. Her social media links follow.

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