Serialized Fiction, Yeah or Nay?

I was very flattered to find myself listed as #1 under the topic of discussion at Love’s Last Refuge concerning authors currently writing in a serialized format. I must admit The Love of Wicked Men series is probably the hardest undertaking I’ve begun in a while. Writing in a serialized format takes much more effort than putting all your thoughts in one book. But I’d love to hear your thoughts on serialized fiction whether you’re a reader, a writer or both.

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  • I also love serials. I may be the odd man out here though. I love cliffies and being teased throughout a read. Although I’ll admit there’s been a lot of substance in LoWM.

    For me the best part is not having to wait forever for more. I’m that damned reader always shouting MOAR! So, yep, serials work for me 🙂

  • JP Kenwood

    Love serialized fiction, both as a reader and a writer. For me, it’s like following a great show where I can think about/digest/question each ‘episode’ more than I would if all of the story was thrown at me in one go. As a writer, I find the process very stimulating and exciting… much more so than writing a book in isolation with only the feedback of my betas/editors. *not that I don’t love my editors in case they read this* 😉