On the Whimsy

dont rain on the paradeSo when I started this out I was being convinced by friends that I ‘just had to publish.’

It won’t be much, new book tech, kindle, nook and all that… Yeah, right. I had to figure out a whole new language, find book marketing bloggers that weren’t trying to pedal me some bullshit scheme about how they were going to make me the next NYT bestseller, and then there were all those querky tech problems  that I still have no clue about.

Soon thereafter it became blog posts and twitter and google plus and facebooking (dumped that shit) and about 50 other sites I never heard of in my reclusiveness. It makes me wonder how literature ever survived if we really need all this to get a book  out to the public. But I have grown much respect for the marketing departments of major publishing houses now, and wonder when it is that I’m  supposed to find time to do what I actually enjoy, which is writing.

Frankly, it’s starting to feel like a job. When did that happen?

But on the flip side, I’ve ‘met’ a multitude of outstanding individuals from all around the world and have been able to connect, and be in contact with, some of the people I admired (and snuck off to read) when I was a child.  I have also heard a great deal from fans about my scribblings, and it is to you whom I owe much gratitude.

So…. now I’ve got my techie friend setting up keyword searches with my titles and well, I’m just learning an inordinate amount of information that I don’t know that I’ll ever have use for. Here, let me share a bit with you: (Oh yes, he’s tweaking  the parameters for me. Uh-huh, so he says.)

A  bunch of people listen to, are listening to, or are discovering Dust in the Wind, usually on weekends, when they’re alone and morose, or high. (IDK, it keeps popping up in my twitter feed.) This seem amusing to me because I actually met Kansas once, backstage, a long time ago. Interesting people.

Survivalists are suddenly stocking up on rain barrels and commenting on their value. Note that you must hurry and get one before the next  Apocalypse comes about. I think it may be scheduled for next Thursday or something, but I’m not sure about that. And, as a side note, please know that rainwater off your roof is not safe to drink, no matter how many barrels you have. Bird shit is a problem, squirrels, moldy leaf matter, and whatever that oily liquid is that always seems to come out of planes when they take off. Hmmm….  On second thought, do you really want one of these things?

Frank Ocean has a pretty good song out and people are listening to Dust. Sounds pretty smooth to me. (Added it to my playlist.) I love all kinds of music.

Benjamin Busch has a book out Dust to Dust which looks quite good. (It is now on my TBR list.) The NYT reviewer  floored me as she pulled up the scene from Hamlet which inspired  the title of my second book.  (Yeah, I’m sneaky like that.  Now, where did I get The Value of Rain from?) Note the references to loam (from Hamlet)  which my readers may recognize and Busch’s self description. You honestly could have hit me with a hammer and I wouldn’t have been more stunned. I’ve spent some time in that desert myself, so I understand the impact it has on a person.

The Black Seeds, a New Zealand reggae band have a new album out Dust and Dirt. I’m a huge reggae fan and it sounds damned good, so I’m not at all surprised that people are listening to it, because now I am too. In fact, they’re playing as I write this. Effing awesome, when are they coming stateside?

So, as you can see we’re not pissing around here anymore, we having things organized and expedited and listed and analyzed.  Where that analysis is leading… Hell, I don’t know.  I’m just spitting out some words here. And hopefully, somewhere in all that, I’ll find the time to do the bit of this that I actually enjoy, write.