Lost and Found Youth

lgbt youth nonprofitThe Lost and Found Organization is a grass roots Atlanta based movement working to get LGBT kids off the street right now, at this very moment. It is still in its infancy, but it is already changing lives. Below is just one of the latest updates about what’s going on with the movement and with the organization. I am very proud to say that this is one of the nonprofits that benefits from sales of Rain and one of the very few I have ever worked with that is out there going to the kids instead of waiting for them to show up.  This is the gay community helping lgbt youth. Read below how such simple acts of kindness change lives, perceptions and eventually… life outcomes. And please consider a donation. $20 gets one kid off the street for the night and gives him/her a warm bed, and the hope that tomorrow will be a better day.


FIRST – I am happy to report that the Lesbian couple and baby get to meet their GOSTER= Gay Foster Family tomorrow nite. If all goes well and they approve of each other, they will be moving in next week.

SECOND – We welcome our first TRANSperson into the “Saint Lost And Found”!!!
She is M-F, 23, beautiful, and very smart. I went to check her into the hotel and the staff said that they didn’t have any rooms clean. I responded that we’d take a dirty one but thats not allowed.

I told her not to worry, we’d figure this out. I took her to RUBY REDD’s BINGO at Mellow Mushroom and left her in the capable hands of a couple of SISTERs and trusted Drags. Told her to order up, eat and enjoy the show. I then went to work and had the other volunteers contact Hotel Mgmt and a room was found. I got the youths ID and went and checked her in.

Yes I left at BINGO because she was smiling and laughing and having a great time. I had NEVER seen this kid cut loose and let her guard down. Being on the streets tends to harden their souls.

I arrived back to the event with room key in hand and she was having a GRAND OLE TIME still, so we stayed till the end of the show and she didn’t stop laughing and smiling the whole time. She took lots of pics of her new friends and was ecstatic with the whole nite.

I meet her in the parking lot and she asked if we could stand there and say goodbye to everyone, to which I say -Yes, Of Course!!!

On the way back to the car, she thanked me and said that she had an incredible time, and that she hadn’t felt that NORMAL in a LONG time – that even if they were faking it, everyone there seemed to care and was SO nice.

Choking back the tears, I explained that they were not faking it, they were good people who do care. That they didn’t know her situation and they were there to just help, that if she felt she had made a connection it was because she had. I told her that she should ALWAYS remember that she has value and that she has people that care for her and her well being.

So Much Emotion and Pride churned inside – I was beside myself.

Many Many Thanks to @Ruby Redd and her divas, Gunza Blazin, Barbie Q. Sugarbaker, the Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club Atlanta Bucks, SisterIsadora Knocking, SisterT’Keela Mockingburd and the staff of Mello Mushroom. Ya made an old activist and queen proud of the community that this SISTER serves.


Please consider a small donation.