LGBT Music Monday – Elliott Alexzander

Elliot AlexzanderA vibrant young artist, Elliott Alexzander will be someone to watch. Please note that he will not be captured within the confines of your gender stereotypes and uses multiple outlets for his personal expression. He says that when he performs he wants you to walk away feeling happy, sad, confused, and maybe even a little ambitious, and you can feel that with the massive amounts of energy he throws off.

In his own words: “I believe creativity should have no limits. One thing I would love to bring attention to through my music is the fact that music is actually changing, becoming more refined and automated. I believe as a true artist I have the task of cohesively embracing modern technology in my music but also honoring the skill and talent it takes to maneuver an instrument, such as my voice. What I want more than anything in the world is to simply feel connected with people. I want a story that will be remembered forever and inspire generations.”

Like most twenty-year-olds, Elliott is filled with ambitions and is marching forward to make them become realities. I personally found his style and his artwork to be top-notch (see his Facebook page to see if you agree.) Recently a contestant in the Sing for Your Life competition, you can see Elliott perfrom LIVE at LeBUZZ Marietta for The Lohan Experience on Feb 19th, or you can connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.  See him perform below.

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