Cold by Brandon Shire coming in May

Cold - Gay RomanceThe beta readers are sending back their comments about Cold.

“Another five star read!”

“Love these characters!”

“You had me crying, again!”

The exact release date is still to be determined, but it will be in May. You can join in the conversation on Goodreads, or get notified via email by signing up for my newsletter.


Read the book blurb

Prison is a brutal, heartless, and demeaning environment. No one knows this better than a man sentenced to life in prison for murder. Lem Porter is a high-profile prisoner who had a solid career ahead of him in a field he loved until he killed his brother. He has spent almost eighteen years behind bars and doesn’t have much hope left.

Anderson Passero had it all.  He built a career, a name, and a relationship with a man he thought he loved. Only after he very publicly landed in prison did he realize how ignorant he’d been. He has eight months left on his sentence and he is eager to go home and put prison life behind him. He doesn’t know it yet, but he will always carry these eight months with him, and they may just help him to understand what love really means.

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