Bad Boys, Hot Lovers

Let’s face it, we like bad boys. The badder, the better. Maybe because we’re all so square that we like the obtuse angles they come with. Honestly, I don’t know the attraction. But damn, who can keep from looking…

Wicked Men_300As with most indie writers, my time is squeezed by the realities of modern life. I’ve decided to offer Wicked Men as a series of short episodes. This will enable me to focus on each section of the story and offer it to you faster than I could if I simply published the entire book at one time.

Also, in serializing, I am giving my readers the opportunity to help write the story with me.

From the beginning, I never know how a story will turn out. I have an idea how it might end, but nothing is ever set in permanent ink. The development of characters, beta input, the muse, my mood, the amount of time I have for writing and research, they all affect the final outcome of a story. But this time I want to invite you into my writing process and into the world of Wicked Men. Be aware that the characters are not particularly nice people. They are vain, corrupt, contemptuous, and look down on almost everyone around them because of their wealth and power. I invite you to help me teach them a lesson in humility.

The first episode isn’t out yet. (This is just a teaser.) But once it is you’ll be able to offer your input at any of my online profiles. The easiest place would probably be at my Goodreads Group. We have a special section set up just for the Wicked Men and you can get a few hints right now by stopping in.


Some readers hate cliffhangers and serialized books. If that’s you, I have a solution. Keep reading…


You will meet many characters within the pages of Wicked Men, not all of them will be fully developed until later in the story. Expect that they will have secrets and hidden sides we don’t know of yet. I’m still exploring them myself, but you may see them before I do. Once we get started, you can let me know.

The plan is to release a new episode of Wicked Men every six to eight weeks. But don’t hold me to that strict schedule. If I know my readers, they will have plenty to say, and I’d like a fair chance to incorporate your input into the manuscript. If it takes a few extra weeks for an episode to come out because your input just blew me away, then I’m going to make sure it gets into the final product. Like you, I like a good meaty story with unexpected twists.

The complete series (Season One) will be six episodes in total. When Season one is finished, I’ll put it all together for those who like the entire story in one book.

If you are one of those readers who prefer the whole book at once, I’ll be setting up a special email for a one time notice about when the story is complete and ready for download.

What can I tell you right now?

The first episode is written and going to my beta readers. The date for release isn’t set yet has been released on Amazon. The main characters are hot, ruthless, rich and… there’s so much more. Have questions already? Stop by the Goodreads group and join in the NSFW conversation. 🙂