As Streetlights Come and Go – Animated Gay Love Story

Every once in a while someone sends me something really cool. I love art of any sort, so when this video popped into my inbox I was instantly enthralled. It’s simple, yet speaks volumes, which all great art does. Thanks to AJ Powers for creating and sending this to me. 


Streetlights come and go.
When the snow falls, will you touch my lips?
If cars drive past, do we stand together, motionless?
A fire beneath our feet. I see these mistakes, and a bee has lost its wings.
The mailbox is starting to get mad, the phone doesn’t answer me anymore.
Midnight rush hour, goodbye summer breeze.
The spirits are present. Can you hear them?
They want to know about us.
So will you run with me? The rails are covered in rain.
Can we write our will across the sky?
If this is what it means, can we jump?
Do you know where to land?
In the stars?
Or in the sea?
Why don’t you look at me?
I’ve been looking for you.
This darkness helps me see, and here it is.
Don’t look at yourself that way, I love your wings.
The sound of droplets bouncing from pamphlets, and your eyes just won’t let go.
To the beginning of all this, we stand at the edge of our balcony, red drapes illuminate your skin.
If you can see this far into the sun, grab my hand and nothing will stop us.
I can’t say I understand, but this will never end.

The birds will talk, and the trees will watch.
Do you know what it means to never stop?