The Value of Rain – A Top Read of 2011

gay fiction - the value of rainI am extremely pleased to announce that The Value of Rain was chosen by The Reading Life as a Top Read of 2011. The company and the writing on that list is breathtaking and includes some of the best authors I have ever read. So, the mere idea that Rain was included among them has left me quite speechless. (You can read her original review here. )

I must admit that I am greatly humbled by the reaction I have received from both readers and reviewers. Both groups have sent me emails detailing personal and intimate past experiences and have advised me how Rain has helped them to grow and overcome. Quite honestly, I don’t think that any writer could ask for a better testimonial than that.

It took me ten years to write Rain and I am the very first to tell you that it is not an easy read, but nor was it ever meant to be. Rain is a journey through tragedy and loss and life; and from my perspective, I believe that this is why it speaks to people so intimately.  You will either love it, or hate it, but you won’t walk away untouched, and that may be the ultimate lesson in all of Charles’ words.

Thank you all for your encouragement, kind words and appreciation.

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