Making Gay Books Cool Again (in the Club)

books r coolDon’t even go home with them.

One of my first questions in the club (way back when) was…What have you read lately?

I recently had someone ask me what it told me about a person besides the genre. So here goes:

That the man opposite me liked to think/explore new things/ideas.
That he was out of college and the associated drama. (The reading list hasn’t changed in eons.)
That he wasn’t afraid to spend time alone. (Always important.)
That ‘the scene’ didn’t encompass all his waking hours and thoughts.
And, if it was a quirky title, something that I hadn’t heard of before – that he didn’t conform to faddish BS. Oprah anyone? (Always high on my list.)

So yes, I like a little more think than twink, a little more bear than beer. Personally I’ve always loved the sexy nerds. They never really had to be sexy, just a nerd, or at least someone who thought beyond next Friday.

Do you ask the men you meet in the club what they’ve read?

What do you get from their answer (if they have one)?

Have you ever asked the question before?  Or is it all about the hookup?

Maybe the gay love story you’re seeking needs more questions before the action starts…


H/T to Affinis Apparel for the cool photo.